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About the News & Views category 1 June 17, 2019
Welcome to The Commons @ Common Dreams 3 February 6, 2015
In Shadow of Trump's India Visit, New Delhi Sees Worst Attacks on Muslims in Decades 6 February 26, 2020
Amid Establishment Onslaught, New Sanders Ads Declares: 'There Are More of Us. We Are Stronger. We Will Wait No Longer' 20 February 26, 2020
With Bedrock Environmental Law Under Threat, Video Billboard Casts Interior Secretary as Trumpian 'Swamp Monster' 8 February 26, 2020
Declaring Critics of Price Tag 'Dead Wrong,' Sanders Unveils Proposals to Pay for Bold Progressive Agenda 80 February 26, 2020
Health Experts Warn World Is Approaching 'Tipping Point' In Spread of Coronavirus as Outbreaks Erupt in Italy and Iran 18 February 26, 2020
Amid Right-Wing Effort to Smear Sanders Over Cuba Comments, Campaign Issues Reminder That Obama Said the Same Thing 68 February 26, 2020
Public Health Experts Call on US to Brace for More Coronavirus Cases Amid Warnings That 40-70% of Planet Could Be Affected 70 February 26, 2020
Washington Post Editor Fred Hiatt Ripped for 'Remarkably Ignorant' Op-Ed Equating Trump and Sanders on Climate Crisis 10 February 26, 2020
'Genuinely Disturbing': Company Reportedly Affiliated With Bloomberg Campaign's NDA Blocks Canvassers From Discussing Work, Damages 70 February 26, 2020
'Air of Desperation,' Says Sanders Campaign, as Democratic Establishment Launches All-Out Effort to Stop Bernie 47 February 26, 2020
Bernie Sanders Plunges to First Place 14 February 26, 2020
MSNBC in 'Full-Blown Freakout' Mode as Bernie Sanders Cements Status as Democratic Frontrunner 166 February 26, 2020
The Important Word When Bernie Says 'Democratic Socialism' Is 'Democratic' 15 February 26, 2020
Anand Giridharadas on Sanders' Victory in Nevada: 'A Wake Up Moment for the American Power Establishment' 148 February 26, 2020
The Humongous Costs of Inaction 7 February 26, 2020
America’s Endless Wars Persist Because They Don’t Exist (For Americans) 5 February 26, 2020
The Slimy Lies She Tells and Games She Plays and Company She Keeps 1 February 26, 2020
Progressives Warn Democratic Establishment Against Brokered Convention Shenanigans 70 February 26, 2020
Chelsea Manning's Lawyers Demand Her Release, Decry 'Punitive' Incarceration 13 February 26, 2020
Taking It Back: Your Sons and Your Daughters Are Beyond Your Command 5 February 26, 2020
Democrats Rip Trump for 'Raiding Money' From Other Health Emergencies to Fund Lackluster Coronavirus Response 28 February 26, 2020
Jewish Activists Demanding 2020 Democrats #SkipAIPAC Arrested at Biden Headquarters 11 February 26, 2020
Why the Nevada Culinary Workers Revolted Against Their Union Bosses to Support Sanders and Medicare for All 9 February 26, 2020
The Despicable (and Very Predictable) Red-Baiting of Bernie Sanders 16 February 26, 2020
Assange’s Extradition Hearing Reveals Trump’s War on Free Press Is Targeting WikiLeaks Publisher 15 February 26, 2020
Even 'Worst Fossil Fuel Banker' JPMorgan Chase Will No Longer Fund This Way of Destroying the Planet 5 February 26, 2020
Here's What 22 Separate Studies Found: Medicare for All Would Cost Less Than For-Profit Status Quo 20 February 26, 2020
'String of Intentional Outright Lies': Bloomberg Campaign Deletes Tweets Containing Fake Quotes of Sanders Praising Despotism 40 February 26, 2020