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Welcome to The Commons @ Common Dreams (3)
'Keep Your Dogma Off My Healthcare!': Trump Empowers Nation's Doctors to Discriminate (7)
Amazon Short-List Proves Something "Very Wrong" With America's Race-to-the-Bottom Economy: Ellison ( 2 3 ) (53)
Peace Should Be Integral to the Women’s March (7)
I Mean, I Walk, I This, I That: The Dawn of the Girther Movement (3)
Shortly After Trump's 'Shithole' Remarks, DHS Cuts Off Haitians From Seasonal Work Visas ( 2 ) (28)
'I Am Not the First Woman to Work and Have a Baby': Global Praise for New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (1)
Senate Votes to Give Trump Vast Domestic Spying Powers "No President Should Have" ( 2 ) (22)
Trump Fills The Swamp To Exploit College Students (1)
Groundbreaking Study Maps 'Insidious' (and Alarmingly Successful) Strategy of Anti-Choice Movement (9)
Blame Game as Shutdown Looms. (Hint: Republicans Control White House and Congress) (9)
ICE Plan for Massive Raids in California Slammed as Attempt to 'Incite Fear' in Communities of Color (19)
Why Trump’s North Korea 'Bloody Nose' Campaign Is a Big Bluff (2)
Pitting 'Kids Against Dreamers,' GOP Exploiting CHIP Funds to Trap Dems on Spending Bill ( 2 3 ) (43)
Trump’s Shareholder Bonanza (1)
Trump Admin Commits to Forever War in Syria against Iran (8)
Continued Detention of Ahed Tamimi Denounced as Symptomatic of Israel's Flouting of Int'l Law (19)
As Trump Denies Science, 'Terrifying Trend' Continues as 2017 Among Hottest Years Ever Recorded (20)
'Only Hours Left' to Stop Senate From Giving Trump Expanded Warrantless Spying Power ( 2 ) (27)
Trump's Roundup of Immigrant Leaders Has Begun ( 2 ) (24)
The Last Oil: Gathering to Resist Trump’s Reckless Arctic Energy Policy (5)
"Your Silence and Amnesia Is Complicity': Booker Blasts Nielsen for "Shithole" Memory Failure ( 2 ) (35)
Twitter Rock Star Obama’s Silence Must Delight Trump (9)
On Genealogical Glass Houses (17)
U.S. Politicians and Public Criticized for 'Whitewashing' King's Legacy ( 2 3 ) (46)
There’s a White House —and GOP—Fungus Among Us ( 2 ) (25)
Feeding Homeless Humans Is Not A Crime (16)
OOOPS: 'Ballistic Missile Threat Inbound to Hawaii...This is Not a Drill' ( 2 3 4 ) (72)
Viral Video of Hospital Dumping Woman Into Freezing Cold Stirs Demand for 'Medicare for All' ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) (122)
Norway to Trump: Keep Your Gold-Plated Sh*t Hole ( 2 3 ) (49)