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About the News & Views category 1 June 17, 2019
Welcome to The Commons @ Common Dreams 3 February 6, 2015
'A Total Disgrace': Outrage as Trump EPA Says It Won't Ban Pesticide Linked to Brain Damage in Children 4 July 19, 2019
To Corporate Media, No Democrat Can Possibly Be Right-Wing 16 July 19, 2019
How a Trojan Horse Project to Rewrite Our Constitution Could Actually Happen if Trump Wins in 2020 47 July 19, 2019
Why I'm Glad About Trump's Latest Twitter Tirade 3 July 19, 2019
In the Face of Flaming Racism We Are Well and Truly Done With Decorum 19 July 19, 2019
Calling Trump Claim 'Delusional,' Iran Says US May Have Shot Down Its Own Drone by Mistake 8 July 19, 2019
With Support of Just 3 Republicans, House Democrats Pass 'Historic' Raise the Wage Act to Guarantee Workers $15 Minimum Wage 24 July 19, 2019
'Absolutely Disastrous': Progressives Furious as Fellow Democrats Propose Funding Cut for Health Clinics That Serve 30 Million Americans 30 July 19, 2019
NOAA's Finding That Last Month Was Hottest June Ever Recorded Bolsters Calls for Radical Climate Action 20 July 19, 2019
Until Emissions Drop, Nothing Has Been Accomplished: The Climate Resistance Handbook Is Here. 2 July 19, 2019
'That Is a Lie': Video Clearly Shows Trump Did Nothing to Stop Racist 'Send Her Back' Chant at Rally 47 July 19, 2019
'I Stand With Ilhan': Outpouring of Support for Rep. Omar Counters Racist 'Send Her Back' Chant by Trump Supporters 77 July 19, 2019
Police Fire Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets at Protesters Demanding Puerto Rico Gov. Rosselló Resign 8 July 19, 2019
After House Passes $15 Minimum Wage Bill, Bernie Sanders Demands McConnell Let Senate Vote 18 July 19, 2019
Just Hours Before Trump Unleashed More Racist Attacks at Rally, 137 House Democrats Joined GOP to Kill Articles of Impeachment 70 July 19, 2019
Fighitng Climate Change Means Ending War 4 July 19, 2019
The Quake to Make Los Angeles a Radioactive Dead Zone 77 July 19, 2019
The Power To Do Anything, Because In Patriarchy No One Can Hear You Scream 68 July 19, 2019
'An Insanely Bad Move': Experts Sound Alarm as Trump's Nuclear Safety Agency Weighs Rollback of Plant Inspections 51 July 19, 2019
Beware Facebook's Libra: A Corporate Surveillance Leviathan With No Precedent Outside the Realm of Science Fiction 5 July 19, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez Hits Back at Liz Cheney: 'What Do You Call Building Mass Camps of People Being Detained Without Trial?' 165 July 19, 2019
Trump’s Threats Towards Iran Aren’t Working. Here’s Why. 10 July 19, 2019
Targeted by Racist Attacks, Ilhan Omar Vows to Hold Trump 'Fully Accountable for His Crimes' and Pursue Bold Progressive Agenda 71 July 19, 2019
At Last, Legislation to Stop Private Equity Abuses 3 July 19, 2019
Will Even One Disgusted Republican Mount a Serious Primary Challenge to Trump? 28 July 19, 2019
Pelosi, After Railing Against AOC and Others in NYT Interview, Tells Critics in Caucus Not to Vent Criticism on Twitter 38 July 19, 2019
In Sinclair's New 'Must-Run' Segment, Former Trump Adviser Tries to Defend Racist Attacks on 'the Squad' 17 July 19, 2019
Washington vs. The Squad 19 July 19, 2019