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To Avoid Repeat of 2016 Disenfranchisement, Sanders Urges Gov. Cuomo to Sign Bill That Would Extend NY Voter Registration Deadline 10 September 21, 2019
The 'Official Secrets' Movie vs. Joe Biden's Lies About the Iraq War 31 September 21, 2019
'The Future of Earth Is at Risk': New Drone Footage of Deforestation in Amazon Shows Cost of Meat Industry 12 September 21, 2019
The Saddest Story of All: The Imperial Debris of War 5 September 21, 2019
Alarming Trump 'Promise' to Foreign Leader Reportedly Sparked Whistleblower Complaint Intel Chief Is Hiding From Congress 49 September 21, 2019
It's Time to Strike for the Climate 5 September 21, 2019
'Socialism' Made America Great 40 September 21, 2019
Teachers Should Join the Student Strikes 10 September 21, 2019
Adam Schiff Raises Alarm Over DNI's Refusal to Turn Over Whistleblower's Complaint, Suggests Trump Is Behind Suppression 52 September 21, 2019
'Because Business as Usual Is a Death Sentence': Youth Climate Strikers in Their Own Words 14 September 20, 2019
The Call of Blood Money 23 September 20, 2019
Beyond Coping: How to Find the Strength to Take on Climate Change 2 September 20, 2019
'Huge Win' But 'Not Enough': Amazon Workers Claim Credit for Pushing Bezos on Climate, Vow to Intensify Campaign 4 September 20, 2019
Where Bill McKibben Finds Hope Amid the Climate Crisis 3 September 20, 2019
'Terrifying' New Climate Models Warn of 6-7°C of Warming by 2100 If Emissions Not Slashed 44 September 20, 2019
Trump’s Afghanistan ‘Peace’ Will Be Vietnam All Over Again: A Mess America Leaves Behind 51 September 20, 2019
'Secretary of Corporate Interests' More Like It, Say Critics of Trump's Anti-Worker Labor Nominee 8 September 20, 2019
Condemning Pompeo Warmongering, Sanders Says 'Attack on Saudi Oil Is Not an Attack on America' 28 September 20, 2019
Who’s Burning the Amazon? 1 September 20, 2019
Maxime Bernier Attacked Greta Thunberg’s Autism. Naomi Klein Says Autism Made the Teen a Global Voice of Conscience 35 September 20, 2019
Land Without Bread: The Green New Deal Forsakes America’s Countryside 16 September 20, 2019
Disputing Trump Claims, Japan Says No Evidence Iran Was Behind Saudi Attack 50 September 20, 2019
To the Adults Who Are Striking Today for the Future, Thank You 1 September 20, 2019
The Danger of Inspiration: A Review of On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal 7 September 20, 2019
Note to Media: Having A Penis Thrust In Your Face Is Not Harmless Fun and Jesus What Is Wrong With You 44 September 20, 2019
'Perfectly Legal' Levels of Contaminants in US Tap Water Could Result in 100,000 Cancer Cases: New Study 7 September 20, 2019
"He's Opposed Every Increase in the Minimum Wage": AFL-CIO Chief Rips Trump's Anti-Worker Agenda 37 September 20, 2019
Edward Snowden Responds After Trump DOJ Sues Whistleblower Over New Memoir the US Government 'Does Not Want You to Read' 77 September 20, 2019
Greta Thunberg Just Delivered Her Testimony to US Lawmakers: It Was a Landmark UN Climate Report 21 September 20, 2019
What the Felicity Huffman Scandal Says About America 9 September 20, 2019