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Don't Extend Kids' School Day; Shorten Parents' Work Week 8 February 23, 2020
'None of This Is Normal': AOC Joins Pressley, Other Dems in Boycotting Trump's State of the Union 45 February 23, 2020
Sanders Hits Bloomberg With 'Grotesque' Statistic: Billionaire Owns More Wealth Than Bottom 125 Million Americans Combined 51 February 23, 2020
Paul Krugman on this Bernie Sanders and Socialism Thing 25 February 23, 2020
Nevada Entrance Poll Shows 62% of Democratic Caucus-Goers Support Medicare for All 30 February 23, 2020
After 'Former GOP Oligarch' Bloomberg Airs Ad Criticizing Online Vulgarity, Progressives Point to Former Mayor's Long Record of Bigotry 74 February 23, 2020
Democrats Call on White House to Ensure Any Coronavirus Vaccine Is Not Profit-Making Venture for Big Pharma 15 February 23, 2020
'How Can We Stop the Workers Who Want Higher Wages?' Sanders Mocks 'Nervous' Establishment on Eve of Nevada Caucus 57 February 23, 2020
Warren Says 'No Interest' in Discussing It Further After Dropping Bombshell Accusation of Sexism on Sanders 144 February 23, 2020
Pushing for 'Political Courage,' Ocasio-Cortez Endorses Slate of Progressive Women Challenging Establishment 28 February 23, 2020
Drop Charges and Extradition Pursuit of Assange, Says Amnesty International, Denouncing US Govt's "Full-Scale Assault on the Right to Freedom of Expression" 10 February 23, 2020
Assange’s US Extradition Hearing Opens Monday: Fight for the Free Press Is Now On 3 February 23, 2020
Chelsea Manning's Lawyers Demand Her Release, Decry 'Punitive' Incarceration 11 February 23, 2020
Calling for Global Action, WHO Chief Says World May Only Be Seeing 'Tip of the Iceberg' With Coronavirus 58 February 23, 2020
Abuse Survivors Face Time Limit to Come Forward as Boy Scouts of America Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 8 February 23, 2020
"Don't Listen to Them": Insurance Industry Front Group to Run Ads Attacking Medicare for All During Democratic Debate 49 February 23, 2020
Why No Retired Generals Oppose America's Forever Wars 27 February 23, 2020
The Movement to Replace Neoliberalism has Lost a Battle, But We Can Still Win the War 9 February 23, 2020
Bloomberg Defied a Flight Ban to Show Support for Israel, Defended the Country Shelling a School and Killing Sleeping Children 26 February 23, 2020
"Never Trump' Republican Operative Known for Anti-Semitic Attacks on George Soros Now Working to Defeat Sanders in Democratic Primary 30 February 23, 2020
Trump Would 'Chew Him Up and Spit Him Out,' Bernie Sanders Warns of Bloomberg Following Debate 22 February 23, 2020
Study Suggests Twitter Bots Have 'Substantial Impact' on Spreading Climate Misinformation 9 February 23, 2020
'So Refreshing to Hear This': Progressives Bernie Sanders for Nuanced, Left-Wing Foreign Policy Answer at CNN Town Hall 64 February 23, 2020
It's Happening Here 38 February 23, 2020
On February 6th Antarctica Was Warmer Than Orlando, or Why I Support Only Sanders 8 February 22, 2020
Is Bloomberg Entitled to Keep His Wealth? 3 February 22, 2020
'The World Must Act Boldly': 23 Former Diplomats Urge World Leaders to Adopt Paris-Style Agreement to Protect Biodiversity 12 February 22, 2020
'Victory for Farmers' as Jury Awards Grower $265 Million in Damages From Drift of Monsanto's Dicamba 22 February 22, 2020
The Feud Between Trump and Barr is a Grand Illusion 19 February 22, 2020
Michael Bloomberg Is Spending Nearly $6 Million Per Day on Campaign 13 February 22, 2020