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Leading Civil Rights Lawyer Shows 20 Ways Trump Is Copying Hitler’s Early Rhetoric and Policies 37 October 18, 2019
House Hearing Highlights How Corporate Stock Buybacks Enrich the Wealthy While Rigging Economy Against Workers 11 October 18, 2019
In Twist of Climate Crisis, Study Finds Extreme Arctic Snowfall in 2018 Caused Near 'Complete Reproductive Failure of Plants and Animals' 7 October 18, 2019
Trump's 1000 Years: You Are A Great Guy. Will You Be My Friend? Emails. Ancient Rome. I Killed ISIS. Let's Make A Deal. Meltdown (Unending) 17 October 18, 2019
Can Anyone Stop Facebook from Poisoning Democracy? 35 October 18, 2019
If Dreams Were Lightning 17 October 18, 2019
John Yoo, Infamous Bush-Era Author of Torture Memos, Dunked on for Claiming US Founders Would Oppose Trump Impeachment 22 October 18, 2019
Don’t Forget: Nuclear Weapons Are an Existential Threat 5 October 18, 2019
Post-Debate Musings: Bernie’s Heart and His Courage Just Fine with Me 6 October 18, 2019
Kurds Consider Asking for Russian No-Fly Zone as Moscow Demands Foreign Armies Leave Syria 26 October 18, 2019
As Democrats Head to Debate Stage, Buttigieg Attacks Warren and Sanders—Who Have Outearned Him—for Small-Dollar Donations 62 October 18, 2019
'An Absolute Joke': Debate Moderators Condemned for Asking About Ellen and George Bush After Completely Ignoring Climate Crisis 88 October 18, 2019
'A Death Sentence': Trump Reportedly Moving to Deport Kids With Cancer, HIV, and Other Deadly Illnesses 22 September 2, 2019
Warren Challenges Facebook's Political Advertising Policy—With Ad That Falsely Claims CEO Zuckerberg Endorsed Trump 147 October 18, 2019
FactCheck.org Ridiculed for Claiming Sanders Use of 'Existential' Misleading Because Climate Crisis May Not 'Obliterate All People From the Planet' 16 October 18, 2019
'Flat-Out Lying': Critics Reject Biden Effort to Re-Write History on His Support for US Invasion of Iraq 93 October 17, 2019
'Internment Camps for the Homeless': Housing Advocates Horrified by Trump Push for 'Crackdown' on California Homelessness 55 October 17, 2019
The Problem With the Blue Angels 38 October 17, 2019
How Guns Literally Go to Men's Heads 36 October 17, 2019
"I'm a Capitalist," Says Warren…But Why? 47 October 17, 2019
'Unacceptable': Family Farms, Ag Advocates Hit Back After Sec Perdue Says Small Dairy Farms Destined to Die 45 October 17, 2019
WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Joins Sanders YouTube Channel for Q and A 1 October 17, 2019
The Supreme Court Could Spell the End of American Democracy 20 October 17, 2019
'Very Damning': Sondland Testifies Trump Directed US Diplomats to Follow Giuliani's Lead in Ukraine 11 October 17, 2019
Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Is Alive and Well 12 October 17, 2019
Rescue Operations Underway in Japan After Typhoon Hagibis Kills Dozens and Causes 'Immense Damage' 16 October 17, 2019
The More Joe Biden Stumbles, the More Corporate Democrats Freak Out 35 October 17, 2019
'A Far Worse Deal Than Theresa May's Deal': Labour Vows to Defeat Brexit Plan Agreed to by EU 8 October 17, 2019
The Real Cover-Up: Putting Donald Trump’s Impeachment in Context 44 October 17, 2019
Pelosi Emerges From Trump Meeting, Says: "What We Witnessed on the Part of the President Was a Meltdown" 10 October 17, 2019