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Southern States Take Up Fight For Bold Democracy Reforms 2 December 14, 2019
Progressives Blast New NLRB Union Elections Rule That 'Betrays the Workers It Is Meant to Protect' 9 December 14, 2019
British Voters Are Terrified of US Companies Privatizing the NHS. They Should Be. 10 December 14, 2019
"It's Happening," Declares Jeremy Corbyn as Early UK Election Reports Suggest "Longest Queues Ever" 77 December 14, 2019
Adding to 'Unprecedented, Wasteful, and Obscene' Pentagon Budget, House Approves $1.48 Trillion in Military Spending 106 December 14, 2019
Letting Our Values Out Of Their Cage 7 December 14, 2019
'An Unjust Society Is Far Costlier': AOC Says Beware the Deficit Scolds Who Only Complain About Paying for Stuff When It Benefits People 161 December 14, 2019
Why U.S. and Filipino Call Center Workers Are Working Together 7 December 14, 2019
'Atrocious': 188 Democrats Join GOP to Hand Trump $738 Billion Pentagon Budget That Includes 'Space Force' 79 December 14, 2019
If We Want US Democracy Back, We Must Undo Attack on Middle Classs Launched by Reagan 42 December 14, 2019
Over 30 Progressive Groups Condemn $738 Billion Pentagon Bill as Blank Check for War and 'Gift to Donald Trump' 39 December 13, 2019
New California and National Polls Show Sanders Crushing 2020 Rivals Among Voters Under 45 46 December 13, 2019
Is Democrats' USMCA Trade Deal With Trump a Big Win or 'Major Strategic Misstep?' 15 December 13, 2019
The Great American Shakedown 86 December 13, 2019
'Endangering Endangered Species Seems to Be the Family Hobby': Trump Jr. Denounced for Killing Rare Sheep in Mongolia 14 December 13, 2019
As NLRB Delivers 'Victory' to McDonald's, Docs Reveal Fast Food Giant's Dirty Anti-Union Tactics 22 December 13, 2019
Americans Misled About Their Wars: Lather, Rinse, and Repeat 19 December 13, 2019
Unequal Justice: Democrats Go Surgical and Small on Impeachment 7 December 13, 2019
Forget Mueller. Forget Impeachment. A Million People Should Surround White House and Demand Trump's Resignation 186 December 13, 2019
The U.S. Government Lied about the Afghanistan War. They Couldn’t Have Done It without Lapdogs like the Washington Post 9 December 13, 2019
'We Are Unstoppable, Another World Is Possible!': Young Climate Activists Storm COP 25 Stage 13 December 13, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez Makes Connection Between 20% Jump in Healthcare Costs and Industry-Sponsored Spa Days for Congressional Staffers 12 December 13, 2019
The New Stateless Peoples: Confronting US Culpability in the Climate Refugee Crisis 3 December 13, 2019
Faced With 'Stranded Assets,' Chevron Announces $10 Billion Write-Down 40 December 13, 2019
'People Here Will Start Dying': Dire Warnings as Stranded Refugees Freeze in Hellish Conditions Near Bosnia-Croatia Border 14 December 6, 2019
Whose Coups? 6 December 13, 2019
'Exactly Why Some People Hate Democrats': Progressives Rip Moderates for Proposal to Censure, But Not Impeach, Trump 35 December 13, 2019
Progressives Condemn Trump Anti-Semitism Executive Order as 'Terrifying' and 'Empty, Dishonest Manipulation' 14 December 13, 2019
What Trump and the GOP Learned from Obama 5 December 13, 2019
After For-Profit Colleges Agrees to Forgive $141 Million in Student Debt, Sanders Says: "Good. Now $1,685,456,413,335 More to Go" 4 December 13, 2019