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1,000 Legal Experts Sign Letter Condemning 'Shameful Attack' on Democracy as Trump Continues Baseless Election Lies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/1000-legal-experts-sign-letter-condemning-shameful-attack-democracy-trump-continues


The name Trump will forever be associated with the word "Loser."

The brand is dead.


I was browsing recently and stumbled across the Kurt Russell movie from 1980 titled “Used Cars.” The conflict of the film really comes down to “truth in advertising.” Basically, the rival takes a commercial that Kurt Russell made, and in editing it makes Russell seem ti claim there was over a mile of cars in the lot to chose from. The story then becomes a scramble to make sure there actually ARE enough cars in his lot that the commercial is true.

It struck me that this movie today would make no sense at all to anyone born after 1985 or so.

Truth in TV commercials?

When did lying become protected under the 1st Amendment? Has it always been so?

I’m really curious. If anyone knows the answer to this, please fill me in.

How is what Herr Drumpf and his sycophants are saying about election fraud protected speech?


China (one of the last countries) has now officially congratulated Biden and Harris on their election win.


Yes, a name that will live in infamy like BENEDICT ARNOLD.


good writing and summary.
Now, how do you get this out across America?

Or will we have gnashing of teeth from over 70 million trumpo voters for the next 60+ days?


I really think it should be rebranded to BENEDICT DONALD.


1,000 legal experts!

I’m not and here is my list of cheating:

  1. California’s DNC put Kanye West in the ballot as VP to a latino businessman’s Presidential run to sabatoge Kanye.

  2. Green party removed from key state ballots for trivial reasons.

  3. Collusion among corporate and so called “independent” news sources which NEVER criticized Biden, ALWAYS criticized Trump, and carried out an information blackout on the Green party. I voted Green. Great interview with Howie Hawkins on the Jimmy Dore show. Biden and Trump don’t represent me nor my values. Biden is NOT a progressive as witnessed by the cabinet he’s putting together. Congrats Mitt Romney!

4.Trump “lost” yet…it was the Democratic party who lost seats in Congress. Not the GOP. Kinda odd, don’t ya think?

  1. Collusion to defeat the 2 liberal candidates before Super Tuesday by removing Mayor Pete and Klobuchar pitting Warren against Bernie. Thereby, Biden, one of the weakest candidates, won.

The evidence that he has MAJOR mental problems just keeps stacking up and yet he is not treated as the SICKO that he is and ousted NOW from the W.H. Of course another person with mental problems was just just elected to follow him. Quite a statement on the
(Mental) State of the Union.

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As will the morons who continue to support his insanity.

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And that “weak candidate” is grateful to Mayor Pete:


“Trump ‘lost’ yet…it was the Democratic party who lost seats in Congress. Not the GOP. Kinda odd, don’t ya think?”

“Trump ‘lost’”? Please explain the scare quotes. Are you claiming Trump did not get fewer popular or electoral votes than Biden?


Exactly. All this show of outrage falls flat when it is in support of an organization who argued in court that they have no responsibility to allow their members a fair vote.


If I see trump’s face come on the tube I look away. Yes, I do find him THAT repulsive.
I will ignore his existence as best I can.


Yeah, 10 likes!


DT’s “presidency” is unprecedented in American history, and so is the notion that people like him and his enablers do not belong in America. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Yes but the lenders will be knocking for at least the 400 millions he owes and his hotels and resorts are not doing well due to primarily covid-19. He’s dragging the process to amass more campaign donations to help with those bills. Trump will face a barrage of state and federal lawsuits once he leaves the White House. He’s hanging on because he will remain immune to prosecution as a setting president. My hope is that the three stooges namely Trump, Barr and Pompeo will be lead to prison for the remainder of their natural life. Oh i almost forgot that Turkey tortoise McConnell he too belongs in Saint Quintin.


Oh that movie is my favorite among others, it’s fantastically funny, I just love it. Yeah the guy across the street also colors his hair like Trump, what a great parallel. And when he says
'when you bought the son of a bitch politician they stayed bought" or something close to that. It’s been a while since i watched it but thanks for the reminder.

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And I hope a lesson for Americans to never ever forget that the GOP of today is a fascist racist wickedly crooked entity. Our nation should never have come this close to dictatorship by the racist fascist poorly educated sycophants. Say bye bye to Betsy DeVos the asshole queen of darkness.

I’m sorry, but didn’t the president raise his right hand and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States when he was sworn in?

Doesn’t that mean anything? Aren’t there repercussions for the fact that this president has willfully thwarted the Constitution of the United States and NOT protected its people?