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1,000 Lies in 200 Days: A Detailed Look at Trump's Catalog of Falsehoods


1,000 Lies in 200 Days: A Detailed Look at Trump's Catalog of Falsehoods

Julia Conley, staff writer

A new video produced by the Washington Post asserts that President Donald Trump has mislead or blatantly lied to the public more than 1,000 times since taking office in January.

The newspaper counted a total of 1,057 lies, with the president averaging nearly five falsehoods per day since his inauguration.


I wonder if he is a congenital liar; i.e., did he lie as a child?


My ex-wife was (and is) a compulsive liar. It was amazing, yet frightening to behold. She could be talking on the phone or in person with a friend and I’d hear her say something that was completely not true. Sometimes I would ask her about it later in private. She’d get defensive and blame me for listening or calling her on it. I said amazing because of the speed with which she could come up with things. Here’s the trick: she was creating her own world. A world that was so close to the real one that little effort was needed to remember the lie. I think all liars must do this: create a slightly altered reality in which they live. Strange but true!


Let’s just call him the “pants on fire”/“five Pinocchioes” president. Fortunately for this" pants on fire" president his supporters could care less about fact checking. They don’t trust the fact checkers but they do trust Trump.


And none of it impeachable.


Now we know why Donald peered at the eclipse without glasses squinting probably with eyes closed.

He suckered the media into pushing this picture so he could then say see fake news.

http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/21/politics/trump-solar-eclipse/index.html scroll down for picture without glasses.


I read that as an 8 year old he once hit a teacher. This POS has been an asshole his whole life and lying is like breathing to him. His campaign was filled with some of the most shameless, blatant, and pandering lies ever spewed by a politician. Tens of millions fell for this bullshit and those lies and the corrupt “election” placed this pile of dung in the Oval. If that weren’t depressing enough we now learn that, 7 months after the Orange Anus took power, disgraced the U.S. before the world and introduced the most regressive band of thieves and ideologues I have ever seen in an administration, that 2/3 of the Republicans who voted for this shit gibbon still support him!!! Looks to me some some kind of quasi-cult with corporate and Nazi overtones.
Next up, the Mango Mussolini and his regressive goons are going to push hard for “tax reform” and getting rid of oversight, regulations, and all that other pesky stuff that separated us from a typical “banana republic”. To get really dark maybe what Michael Moore said in 2016 was true - if Trump is the next president he may be the last president.
As to Trumpo’s allegation of the “dishonest fake news media”, I can only point out that his idiot supporters were capable of creating their own fake news like that claim that Hillary Clinton was operating a child sex slave ring out of the cellar of a pizza place. They had no problem believing that and spreading it but when real journalists report on Trump’s appalling failures and incompetency they are quick to believe him when he says crap like the “failing New York Times” and shows such disdain for real journalism. Then they proclaim that they get their “news” from junk media like Fux Noise, Breitbart and now Sinclair Broadcasting. I guess we have been taken over by morons who will fervently stick to their “alternative facts”.


And we all know exactly how Frump and his idiotic acolytes will respond to this excellent list - scream it with me through frothing lips - “fake news! fake news!!”
(“fake news” means "it paints me/my Dear Leader in a negative light, true or not).


I find that statistic - that 2/3 of Rethuglicans still worship this dung-heap of a human being - the most depressing of all. Frump was quite correct when he stated that he could literally murder someone on 5th Avenue and not lose a single follower. It’s absolutely correct.

The fact that such a humongous number of Americans are so stupid, brainwashed, and lacking in morals or ethics, is not only very telling about this pathetic country and the sad shape it is in (not to mention its extremely dim future), but it makes me grateful that I chose not to have any children of my own.

Face it - we are on a sharp decline that will not get any better as the years go by. I believe that Trump and his millions of hateful, fascist, and blindly-worshipping acolytes are a symptom of the rot that fills the hollow body of this country, and the larger neo-liberal-based world. It is not going to get better - expect the numbers to grow.


Well said.


Don’t know if he lied as a child. His parents did send him off to military school because he was a TERRIBLE kid.


I am watching too much TV, most of which features DJT. His tiny hand-waving and gesturing drive me crazy. Wish somebody would shoot those hands, even with a pea-shooter would make me happy.


2017: The year the office of the president became officially known as the Offal Office.


Good one. And so true.


POTUS’s final tweet for America will be “I’m fired!” My first president was FDR and I pray every night before I sleep that I will outlast the current ninny in the White House. Please God, don’t let him be my last POTUS.


And that military school fixed all his problems.


Some people simply breathe in and then breathe out while Trump breathes in and then on the exhale he lies. If anyone wants to impeach Trump, I’ll furnish the rotten peaches…


Goat! That’s awesome!

We should get bumper stickers of your quip!