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1,200 Kids' Gun Deaths Since Parkland: Did I Say I Love You?


1,200 Kids' Gun Deaths Since Parkland: Did I Say I Love You?

A year after the Parkland slaughter, a hopeful sliver of light with the Dems' passage of a background check bill, the first in years. Alas, it comes not a gut-wrenching moment too soon: Since Parkland, nearly 1,200 more kids - roughly, inconceivably a Parkland every five days - were gunned down in our bloodstained country. The Trace chose to tell their stories to render them, not numbers, but "human beings with rich (achingly short) histories." May they rest in peace and power.



Only tears and rage can describe my feelings about this carnage that continues to this day because the powers that be stand by and do NOTHING meaningful to stop it.



This is the American version of freedom on display. 40,000 dead last year from gunshots, all so the NRA can scaremonger and sell firearms.



How many more? Well, that depends entirely on how long you are going to continue funding and legitimizing the murderous traitors in congress and the systems they have created.

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They have a different belief system to us .

Thats where the work must be done !

It has been said …“No one does anything wrong given their model of the world.”

Have a read of the book The New Revelations by Neale Donald Walsch .
We are in a Civil Rights movement for The Human Soul .It explains the falkacies that have created our madhouse .



Changing your belief system is not something all people are capable of, typically the more extreme ones world view is, the less likely it is that they would be able change it.
More over, there are many people who genuinely do not care about right or wrong, or even people who actively choose what they know to be wrong (listened to a rap song these past 20 years?).
Sociopathy appears to be a growing phenomenon world wide, and it has always been especially prevalent in America.