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1,250 Former DOJ Officials Demand Investigation Into Barr's Involvement in Violently Dispersing Demonstrators Near White House

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/10/1250-former-doj-officials-demand-investigation-barrs-involvement-violently


Here we go again. Former officials demand… I demand that god that strikes down all neo-conservatives and neo-liberals. I have as much chance as that happening as these former officials do. Demand all you want If it makes you feel better. I cannot recall any DOJ prosecutions against those who hold power in the USA that made any real difference. If they had, the USA would not be the dystopian shithole it now is.


The current protesting represents a crisis of legitimacy in our democratic institutions especially in the executive branch.


Trump will be in Dallas tomorrow. I wonder if they will have a motorcade.

If we could shame Barr out of being the head of the DOJ he would already be gone. We could have him around for four more years since people don’t want to cast votes for Biden.


Either we have 4 more years ( shouldn’t take more than 2 to destroy everything) or 4 more years. People vote to determine whether everyone should be screwed by donkeys or by elephants.


I believe Rome manufactured the god we worship in America. And with the behavior of the US since Truman, we should be happy it is an invention. People are responsible for all this, and People need to visit some biblical quality smiting on those who have stolen America and broken it.


John Dean
Of all people!!
DC dept of justice is just as out of touch with regular american citizens as the really stupid representatives we send there to screw us over.
Let’s vote for better individuals at every level.


This is what happens when you let a CIA “Fixer” run the Dept. of Justice, it turns into the Dept. of wall Street.


That shows us how lazy and disinterested we are about getting it right I guess.

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The system is rigged. By corps
It’s guvmint
Of the lobbyists
By the people ( we pay )
For the corporations


It’s tv. Most people identify with the idle american
“These colors don’t run. Can’t even get off the couch most days “

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Pretty much has all of us feel except for the idiots that support Trump. I don’t like name calling but I am exhausted with them.

If only!

I know you hope you are wrong, so do I.

That’s right I think. There are 1,250 DOJ officials demanding investigation. They apparently don’t count anymore than the hundred million citizens who feel the same.