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1,470 Economists Urge Trump to Support Immigrants


1,470 Economists Urge Trump to Support Immigrants

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Nearly 1,500 economists, including six Nobel Laureates, sent a letter to President Donald Trump and top lawmakers on Wednesday urging them to support immigrants for the good of the nation's economy.


Trump is incapable of taking advice from anyone smarter than he is. Therefore, he is incapable of taking advice from anyone. He runs on "instinct" because that process does not rely on higher cerebral functions. When the two random molecules that exist between Trump's ears somehow collide, he will attack Syria, starve more children and elderly, or support a healthcare plan that guarantees the deaths of millions from preventable disease. He is "the decider", but without even the semi-functioning brain of Shrub. Like we used to say, he's more than a few bulbs short of a marquee.


It does not make sense to protest upholding the law, changing the law makes sense. So demand immigration discussion and a popular vote on what immigration policy should be, immigration is something the majority should decide, not extreme at either end but the majority.


Donald Dumbo Ears could actually learn something valuable from 1470 Economists.

We won't because he's smarter than all of them, and, he is surrounded with the best minds money can buy.

At least, this, is what Donald 'Dumbo Ears' believes when 1470 Economists urge him to listen to them.