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1.7 Million Turn Out for Hong Kong Demonstration With Vow to 'Keep Fighting' as Protests Enter 11th Week

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/19/17-million-turn-out-hong-kong-demonstration-vow-keep-fighting-protests-enter-11th

I like the way these Hong Kongers roll.

A ballsy bunch to be sure.

Failed to mention the long 8 month running of the yellow vest protest in France, or the recent protest in Mexico City and Moscow, or the Portland, OR protests or the protest in Puerto Rico. But this one in Hong Kong has its core protest leaders, parties, organizations, and media operations tied directly to Washington DC via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and corporate foundations like Open Society Foundation. Yep, another US orchestrated colored revolution sponsored by the NYT, MSM and the Military Industrial Complex.


If we could bottle the commitment the Hong Kong protesters have for maintaining their independence, and inject it into bloodstream of the average American, we’d be on our way to wiping out any memory of these two corrupt political parties that have rewritten the Constitution in their image.

The first pic shown in the article was described as a peaceful protest and it was. Problem is, it looks exactly like the one I saw in the Chinese media that described it as a protest against the protestors.

At any rate, whichever side it was protesting against, the figures for ANY of the Hong Kong demos never came close to our Million Man March which our media first said was about “400 thousand.” The Louis Farrakhan people were furious and ABC (I think) revised it upwards to 850-870 (?) thousands. That was a big “revision” hahaha.

Note: the supposedly anti-demo demo was estimated by the Hong Kong police as amounting to about 470k protestors, bigger than the first big student demo which was claimed by a participant (my former student) to be less than 300k.

The actual figures are not that important - the fact that they took place at all meant that there ARE issues to consider by the authorities. Unless they, the said authorities, want to behave like Bush Jr who called the 30 million worldwide protestors (against the Iraqi invasion) “focus groups” and deserved to be ignored.

So is it the official policy of the US-left to support the world’s authoritarian regimes?

Is it official lefttist practice to make up conspiratorial nonsense that all popular uprisings against authoritarian regimes are just the "Yankee Imperialists?

The ideas that some poeple in the US government and a little money could make 1.7 million people decide to get in the streets at great risk to themselves is both preposterous and incredibly vile.

Any fascist I hear spouting bullshit like yours will have my fist planted so deep in their face that they will be shitting all of their teeth.

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The NYT is pushing the high numbers, a true estimate is closer to 128,000.
Moon of Alabama has a story about the exaggerated numbers.
Sorry, links to MoA never work for me.

I would like to charge a nickel for everyone who wants to use the porta-potties I would bring to the rally.

I was right, I think, about the above picture showing protestors with umbrellas: the protestors were showing solidarity with the police against the protestors (it was raining).

Not the first time propagandists - from all sides and political hues - use such tactics to mislead the audience.

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This I definitely agree with. The protests were borne out of the current chief executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, decision to extradite Hong Kong residents (and non-residents) to mainland China for prosecution. Thus, individuals would be extradited from an independent (from China) British-based legal system in Hong Kong to a corrupt, extremely harsh, government controlled communist system in China – this is why the protesters are in the streets of HK. Their lives may depend on overturning Lam’s decision. (She did today.)

Account of German citizen after almost eight years in a Chinese prison:

And Chinese Muslims aka as Uighurs: