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10,000 Filipinos Demand Government 'Break Free' from Coal


10,000 Filipinos Demand Government 'Break Free' from Coal

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

An estimated 10,000 people converged in Batangas City, Philippines on Wednesday to demand that the government halt the poisoning of "our land, water, and air" and cancel plans to build as many as 27 coal-fired power plants across the island nation.


Yes, Philippines needs to replace coal with some combination of wind, solar, and energy storage. By 2020, wind and solar will become cheaper than coal even before counting cost externalized by coal industry. Energy storage is needed with wind and solar because they are both intermittent.


Off shore wind power seems well suited for a nation composed of 11 thousand islands. Coal companies are corrupting politicians to keep the Phillipines using coal.

  1. Actually, the Philippines has just under 7,102 islands since the Chinese stole a whole bunch of them. Wiki says 7,600 but they must be counting disputed islands and reefs, is all I can fathom.

  2. I’m not sure how well off-shore wind turbines do in the most typhoon infested area in the world. But Solar is the way to go during the scorching dry season we are just now exiting on the Western “Lee side”. We become windward again during the Southwestern Monsoon, and they’d be less effective under the cloud deck then. But anything’s better than dirty coal to breathe every month.

Just ask the Chinese downwind of their industrial coast. Ten million have croaked early due to lung distress.