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10 Clarifying #TakeaKnee Tweets to Beat Back Idiotic Arguments by Right-Wingers


10 Clarifying #TakeaKnee Tweets to Beat Back Idiotic Arguments by Right-Wingers

Common Dreams staff

With #TakeaKnee going viral on Sunday as NFL players push back against threats by President Donald Trump, those who support the president's position that professional athletes—and especially black or brown professional athletes—should just do as they are told and not speak their minds were infecting the social media hashtag with a variety of racist and otherwise ill-considered arguments about why "millionaire pl


Love Christen Christians tweet. Exactly! Being a rich black man, means it is unpatriotic to protest injustice?


“We’re paying you a lot, boy…know your place”. – racial bigotry in motion.


To Dotard Donald:

#TakeaKnee, #Don’tThreadOnMe.

My Freedoms, that is!


Even last year? when Colin K took a knee, and was subsequently castigated and shamed, I was for the right to do that very thing as I don’t like, and never have, the imperial policies of the US which includes the blatant racist bias from the very start. Now with a blatantly racist president there is solidarity amongst the teams and commissioner. This smells of hypocrisy. The only thing that has actually changed is the man at the seat of power; the cops still murder unarmed blacks at 1-3 times the rate of others, the US foreign policy is still imperialist and killing people, innocent people, at an alarming rate, the rich are reaching new levels of wealthy depravity, at the cost of the rest of the regular folks, the financial vampires are still sucking dry the last of liquid capital from the lower 90%, etc. Yes take a knee, apologize to those that served imperialist interests in the name of freedom and democracy, and mostly, enjoy the game that has been paid for with blood from all involved, here and abroad, you deserve it. (I’m not being sarcastic)


I am from the United States. It seems to me that if I were to go to a foreign country and kneel during their anthem, it would be a show of disrespect to their country. So, why then isn’t kneeling during the US anthem a show of disrespect? Isn’t the whole point that these players are so mad at America for allowing, condoning, and/or supporting racial injustice that they refuse to respect the anthem? Or is it simply for shock value to get their message heard? This idea that protesting a national anthem is in no way disrespectful to a country is confusing to me.


One of those idiotic right wing tweeters is Donald Trump himself. I have no issue with freedom of speech. However, I do have issues with racism.


There is an image that can’t be uploaded of Colin Kaepernick and another football player kneeling labeled Unacceptable Protest while below it is another picture of the White Supremacists at Virginia carrying their torches labelled Free Speech. The contrast between the two in the minds of the wingers is truly stark.


You seem to have totally missed the whole point. It isn’t the anthem that is being protested against. It’s what the country that the anthem represents has become that is being protested. The difference is obvious.

And since you aren’t in a foreign country, there is no problem with you protesting against oppression. Even in a foreign country, you have a moral obligation to protest against tyranny if you live there.


Americans “Freedom of Speech” is not predicated upon them first asking for permission and then being told how, when, where and what they can or cannot say.
In the past and what seems should not be the case today, there were many .many ignorant who liked to hide behind excuse of, “My Country Right or Wrong”, and sadly we have many millions still Stuck in that mindset.
No matter that a very small percentage of Americans???¿¿¿ that cause havoc death and willfully destruction on a world wide scale, while enriching themselves, and they hide behind and wrap themselves in the flag.
As far as Trump being an ass. well he is not alone, and when you hear Christian Zionist now claiming he is doing G…s’ work, there are an estimated 80 millions of them.
Nationalism is not Patriotism, Patriotism is of a nations highest honorable idealls, while nationalism is deliberate ignorance and lack of ability to comprehend when ideals are broken my country right or wrong is inexcusable and lowers nationAL character of that NATION in eyes of world.
Germany of Nazi era had lots of nationalist and almost as bad lack of enlightened character as those top 23 percent that manage US today.


Of course the anthem is being protested against, it is the country. That’s obvious. You have missed my point.


First of all, why are they playing the national anthem at sports games? A whiff of fascism there. However, they do and here’s a quote from a British jurist, “If there is no freedom to speak offensively, then there is no worthwhile freedom.”


The last person who should call anyone a sob is our fake president, who has managed single handed to turn us into a global joke. Has anyone told sir cuckoo that 10.6 million more people voted for some one else. He has no right to call a person’s mom the B word. Does he even know what they are protesting? Does he know that cops are indiscriminately shooting black people in the back and getting away with it. Has he ever been stopped or searched for driving or walking while white? This guy is not only a fake president, but UN-American as well.


So in 2017, we STILL have people in the military arguing publicly that our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan are to defend freedoms in America? And this is from someone who disagrees with Trump? Well done, Democrats.


So what if it is? Most people who think it’s disrespectful have a very whitewashed and filtered view of America in their minds when they get offended by something like this.

And anyone who thinks we were so wonderful before Trump is a perfect example of this; they comforted themselves with Obama’s slick lies and propaganda and secrecy and told themselves that it wasn’t racist to murder or exploit people, now they’re outraged by a travel ban or a wall.


Time will tell if this newly found solidarity will result in more upper management positions opening up for former black and brown players?


And I would suggest that he, his corporate cronies, the republican party and many democrats are traitors.


Shaun King’s first article for The Intercept today:


The most telling thing about the NFL’s policy is that they did not require that players be on the field for the national anthem until 2009 - Yep - just 8 years ago. The fact that the D.O.D. had a contract with the NFL for paid displays of patriotism that started a couple years after that must be pure coincidence.


Yes, to call attention to “acceptable” forms of injustice.