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10 Costliest Climate-Driven Extreme Weather Events of 2018 Caused at Least $84.8B in Damage: Analysis


10 Costliest Climate-Driven Extreme Weather Events of 2018 Caused at Least $84.8B in Damage: Analysis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

From heat waves and hurricanes to fires and floods, the 10 costliest extreme weather events of 2018—driven by the global climate crisis—killed thousands of people and caused at least $84.8 billion in damage, according to a new analysis from Christian Aid.


This kind of transactional math got us to where we are today — Cost versus Benefit of fossil fuels.

We need to recognize that monetary costs no longer apply in the global warming equation where the probability of catastrophic, civilization-ending effects = 100%.

In fact, our insane capitalistic economics counts as positive GDP growth, all of the rebuilding and recovery efforts. In short, an economic positive feedback loop based on the destruction of the human race.

Time to monkeywrench the system is way past due.


It will only be when countries like the USA get hit with proportionally equal costs from disastrous climate change as is felt by poorer nations that Americans will truly clamor for ‘something to be done’ about the problem. When the costs from climate change reach their own tipping point then Americans will be out there wailing in the streets.

The race is on between the tipping points. The rising costs from climate change tipping point vs the tipping point of no return (rising severity and irreparable damage from these disasters) of climate change.


I was never all that good at math, transactional or otherwise but I don’t get your point (assuming you have one). While I agree that the economics of capitalist driven growth are no longer sustainable, I keep wondering WTF you expect to be put its place within the next ten to twenty years? Throwing a monkey wrench into the system sounds very dramatic but is in fact utterly useless. To my thinking …climate change is throwing the monkey wrench into the system and the results that are caused by this will not be some socialist utopian fantasy.

Work with what you got because we don’t have the time to put something new in its place. Think immediate survival, as the priority is like having a plate of food in your hand rather than the priority being the change of political economics that threatened to leave your hands empty. In other words first things first.


We can’t say what percentage of the costs of these disasters are attributable to climate change but it provides of sense of what could be in store on a much larger scale in the future. However, the biggest problem might non even be such extreme events but collapse of ecological systems. Already there are indications that from bugs to birds and mammals that even small changes in climate are having detrimental effects. The coral reefs are in peril and oceans keep getting more acidic which means sea life is probably in great jeopardy. Humans are dependent on ecological systems which people need to be reminded about. And no country alone can solve the climate change crisis which is not reassuring given the conflicts that occurred once again at COP24 between the developed and developing countries.


To this list should be added the trump regimes gutting of numerous environmental protections, especially as the “roll-backs” of standards that protect human health continue and accelerate …decisions made to cater to polluting industries and that DO HAVE enormous health/disease consequences for humans and animal life! EVERY death or illness or pollution-caused consequence by trump & co is a crime! Has there ever been as odious depraved indifference or clear threats to people as the orange cretin has presided-over? I say he is guilty of crimes against humanity…and not the only perp, Congress-member or president guilty of such!

The current possible health threat from the orange fraud is:

"Trump administration to consider changes to Obama-era mercury rule
Move is part of a series of rollbacks pursued on behalf of coal interests, decisions scientists say are detrimental to public health" Mercury exposure is toxic and linked to developmental delays in children.
It seems the trumpenfuhrer loves to put children in danger or condone their deaths…


My point is simple — monetary costs in the face of certain death are meaningless.

If I run your above statement out, it leads to the ultimate selfish preservation of whoever has the most ammo and guns in their bunker, wins.

The first step in the monkeywrenching (in my mind) is to elect people to Congress NO OLDER than 35 years old. My ideal candidates are Native American women who bring a connection to the land and to the community.

This will better ensure that changes are made which will affect the lives of the people who enact them, instead of a bunch of old, rich white guys who have no vested interest beyond the next 5-10 years.


The first climate change denialist I ever met was a truck driver. A fat, conservative, semi-illiterate truck driver. This was a long time ago. For reasons I wouldn’t care to explain, I was at a meeting of blue collar workers when the climate issue came up. The fat truck driver affirmed, with the absolute certainty ignorance grants to Blue Collar America, that climate change was a hoax.
I sat there in amazement, wondering what motivated that heap of brainless blubber to doubt the existence of climate change, but not to doubt the existence of his liver when the ER doctor tells him to stop drinking.
The religious denial of human-caused climate change got a boost when Al Gore made his movie, which had the perverse effect of turning what had been an opinion into a sacred blue collar mantra.
Climate change, fetuses, the military, and guns have become sacred symbols in the “culture” of the American Working Trash. Fascinating research potential.


See my reply below. I accidentally hit the main reply button instead of yours.


The Trump regime has been proven detrimental to our physical heath, but also to our mental health, and natural health. Trumpism is one unhealthy mothereffer. I’m not sure if we need an antibiotic, a dose of penicillin, or an amputation.


This piece seems off topic but it is important to the climate debate. Watch it all the way through.




Wereflea, your comment is one of the most rational I have read. However, since this revolves around the survival of the Planet, more so than of our civilization, the absence of a ready alternative suggests an alternative must be created. One alternative (an extreme one but perhaps a necessary one) is for nations which have nuclear arsenals but respect civilization (France comes to mind) to attack the main culprits,causing a global nuclear exchange. This is an extreme version of “upsetting the game board”, and vastly preferable to “hot Earth”.


It must never be forgotten that French spec ops blew up the Greenpeace vessel “Rainbow Warrior” at her mooring in Auckland NZ, causing a fatality, for the “crime” of protesting nuclear weapons tests.


Putting the costs of these disasters into monetary terms is somewhat useful, but provides only one perspective of cost, and can be misleading. For example, are Hurricanes Florence and Michael 30X worse than Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines and China socially, demographically, and geographically?

How do we account for all the costs. And how do those responsible make recompense. A start would be monetarily by making the fossil fuel corporations and the corporations that support them pay. Maybe those costs get tacked on to a price on carbon. But how do those responsible pay for the other costs?


How much is the COST for Human Extinction? Isn’t that the real question here?


I know. However, when it comes to civilization, countries like France, China and Japan value their civilizations and should be willing to defend them, even at extraordinary cost. You can’t ask that from the US or Brazil, where civilization and culture are viewed as obstacles to “progress”.


For many and society the damage is already irrepairable.


Hi Monckton; Sadly the People of Japan don’t want any more nuclear and no more American military----and yet the government of Japan thinks just like the Corrupted Congress of America. More nukes , more US military—sigh. Maybe there’s a virus that attacks people who want to be politicians-----because weird things happen----maybe the pod people are real after all. : 0