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10 Good Things About 2018


10 Good Things About 2018

Medea Benjamin

Yes, you could say I’m trying to put lipstick on a pig. 2018 was a year of whiplash, a never-ending series of assaults on our environment, immigrants, people of color, Muslims, Jews, the poor, international law. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and here are some rousing points of light from 2018, both domestic and international.


Looking at it another way Number 11 could be Donald Trump.

As Gilbert Doctorow recently wrote:

“Trump the Great Disrupter is doing far more to achieve the dismantlement of the American Empire than any of us.”

No wonder the elites want to get rid of him.

Keep it up Donnie!!!


Yes. As I wrote on the eve of the Women’s March, he may turn out to be the best organizer the US left has had since Eugene Victor Debs.


The elites started wanting to get rid of Trump after they got their tax cut, so they can get Pence in the Oval Office to continue the destruction of the 99% in more subtle ways than Trump has been doing.

Pence will be the more effective evil.


Hi raydelcamino-----Pence. He would be great if I were casting a horror movie and I needed someone to play the part of a ghoul playing a mortician. He has the perfect face for that. Of course, he might be the one too, who would nuke Jerusalem to see if Jesus really will come back when Jerusalem falls -----of course it’s fallen hundreds of times----but there’s no arguing with a ghoul. : )


In a period of transition it is tempting to fixate on the ugly events of an old order collapsing. They are very easy to see and, like it or not, we are all attached to the familiar old forms. So it’s good to step back and ponder in amazement all the new shoots bursting up through the frozen ground. Trump is now clearly on the downside of his trajectory. In 2019 things are likely to speed up.


Bait bait, Brad Gillespie. With no understanding of economics or balance between public and private sectors and conversation with actual human beings. I don’t really feel like taking you apart but someone should. Your views are retrograde and Trumpian. Hope you keep fading into the woodwork.


This was the year when the American fantasy of Democracy came to an abrupt end. It reminds us of similar fateful years in the past, like 27 BC, when the Roman Republic came to an end, or 1806 when the Holy Roman Empire dissolved.
What is remarkable about the American Republic is how little it lasted. It lasted less than half the Roman Republic and four times less than the Holy Roman Empire.
The US will be survived by much smaller but more authentic Republics. In the Americas, Chile and Uruguay are solid democracies that will likely be around long after the US has morphed into a brutal fascist dictatorship. Even Mexico will probably survive the US as a democracy, despite its corruption.


The two worst items of socialism of recent times is the god awful tax cut for the rich, and the budget increase for military (pentagon) spending.
Oil transport was about where, not how.
It’s good to have differing opinions. It gives us socialists an opportunity to sharpen our swords.


Republicans are happy to spend tax payer dollars. Especially in the name of socialism.


On #7, quote from the article,
“Medicare for All should be a no-brainer for politicians who care more about their constituents than Big Pharma.”

Here I find it interesting to note that the bogeyman/industry of the late 2010s is Big Pharma. Contrast that with the bogeyman/industry of 2009/2010 when the PPACA was enacted, = Big Insurance.

¿Does it occur to you that Big Government can do an even worse job of running our health care, and with a monopoly enacted into law there will be less that We the People can do about it?

On #9, quoting from the article
" Armenia experienced a dramatic, people power uprising against corrupt, autocratic rulers , in which one out of every three Armenians participated."

Here I find interesting that Armenia, a quasi-European Christian nation, would appear to be on the Common Dreams naughty list, for long ago promoting the separation of Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh (majority ethnic Armenian and Christian), and of annexing a corridor of Azerbaijani territory to provide a link between Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Common Dreams support of self-determination appears to be qualified and situational, and often denied to white Christian people who want to separate from someone else.

I will be interested in how new leadership in Armenia’s capital Erevan will affect the issues between Armenia and Azerbaijan.


Many members of this forum get all warm and fuzzy about the prospect of the end of the American Empire. Too few consider the subject of the break up of America. Bits and pieces, maybe. We can contemplate that American Samoa should be united with the nation of Samoa (formerly Western Samoa), that Guam and the Northern Marianas should become independent nations, whether one of them or two of them. And that Wake Island should be turned over to the Marshall Islands, which should get real independence from the USA.

We are reminded each year, by a UN resolution introduced by Cuba, that (at least in Cuba’s opinion) Puerto Rico should receive its independence from the USA. And if you live in Hawaii there are frequent reminders of resentment towards how the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown, and a few years later annexed by the USA. Hawaii should have its independence restored.

But people on Common Dreams seem to pay little mind to the benefits to the world of breaking up the rest of the USA into smaller pieces, a benefit similar to the one Secy. Morgenthau advocated in breaking up the defeated Nazi Germany into several smaller countries forbidden to re-unite.


Maybe one good thing about Trump, is Amerika has always been politically; especially in terms of it’s foreign policies, a fascist, covert, country but one good thing may be… Trump has made overt what has been kept hidden for far too long.


Wow, our instructors are showing up!

Anyone who is satisfied with the status quo classist privateer oligarch profiteer warmongering system, where many people suffer, is suspect as being fearful we might do better.

Begone! You too, Brad.