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10 Good Things About 2019

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/30/10-good-things-about-2019


Four more years of Donald Trump will be devastating for our nation and our world.

Of course it would, but thanks to the Democrats, he just may well be re-elected. Maybe that’s what they’ve wanted all along? They seem to vote for everything he wants (funding for the Wall, the military budget).


Hi speechless:

I am watching the wonderful yellow vests in France----and wondering why Americans aren’t inspired.

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And heartfelt thanks to you, Medea, for all your hard work and energy in the interest of peace.


Americans would first actually have to know what is going on in their country. They don’t. They are clueless. Years and years of propaganda (and a shitty education system) made them that way.


Articles like this always make me think of this…


remember the yellow vests were originally protesting dealing with climate change including increased gasoline taxes. Sometimes they also trafficed in immigrant bashing, anti-Semitism, and hooligan behavior. Nothing wonderful about any of that but the main point of the is their resistance to doing something about climate change.

Could maybe an 11th good thing be that the vast majority of the American people finally believe that the Democrats are no better that the Republicans? That our system has no more legitamacy?

What has the Democrats/Liberal media anti-Trump strategy given us in 3 years? Two years we waited for Robert Mueller (Russiagate) to present us with a dud. (Remember Trump was supposed to be marched out of the WH in handcuffs.) House Dems impeach Trump for doing things that US politicians do all the time. (When was legality ever an issue for those in power?) As it was done along absolute partisan lines the impeachment will lack legitimacy in public’s eye. The GOP controlled Senate will not convict. Another dud by the Democrats to get rid of Trump and it won’t even mobilize voters in November. What did the Democrats/liberal media really accomplish? They kept the public, who dispises Trump’s policies, from mobilizing independently. Thus ensuring the ever right-ward movement of US politics.

Well, look at it a different way Tom. Trump appears to be on the verge of attacking Iran. This has been on the Neocons wish list for a long time.Do you think we’d be at this point if Trump wasn’t impeached?

Seems like it has worked its magic…possibly with tragic results!

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Polling on impeachment hasn’t budged from the 50% mark.
Before, during, and now after the House proceedings.

US politicians don’t prod foreign governments into doing political favors “all the time.”
Can you name even one time outside of Trump encouraging Russia to release hacks?

Trump got caught up in a conspiracy theory, pushed by Rudy and FoxNews, then he got caught trying to pursue it. Now Pelosi holds the cards and further emails, call records, and testimony from Lev Parnas are going to get thrown into the mix, incriminating Trump further. You’ll recall Callmegullible predicted Rudy’s OAN Franklin Templeton bombshell would rock the airwaves – it didn’t. If anything, it made Rudy and his band of conspiracy theorists look stupid.

As for people realizing that our system has no legitimacy, the low percentage of those who bother to vote indicates that lots of them “get it.”

And Trump may wag the dog with a few airstrikes on Iran, but his foreign policy standing with our allies outside of the Saudis (militarily useless) and Israel (hemmed in more than you think) is terrible. Trump will not send troops there – Bush/Cheney’s lies about WMDs in Iraq are still too fresh a memory…

Hi barry:
Thank you for the information—I do admire the tenacity of the yellow vests and sticking-to -their aims. : )

Hi speechless:
I think that more Americans know what is going on negatively in America----but so many Americans also have temp or low pay, or huge college debt—and their parents lost jobs during ObamaTime--------that tuning in to politicians is a losing proposition for many. The possibility for “It’s a Wonderful Life, ’ is there—but there are so many Mr. Potters and so many Pottervilles in America—that it’s hard for many to see beyond tomorrow—” which creeps on its petty pace," that a cloud of hopelessness is socking in many, many cities and the people living there. : (

That’s why Bernie is so important He’s as close to the good parts of FDR as we’ve had since FDR. Of course, I read that Carter was the only sitting president who never had a war or military action during his term as President. Sadly Reagan and Oilie North underlined him-----I always wondered why Reagan didn’t get impeached for undermining a sitting president. : 0

I agree, the Democrats have a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with getting rid of Trump: They want war, with Iran (that makes Israel happy) and/or better yet, Russia. War means that the ruling class can avoid making the reforms that Sanders is running on - meanwhile, they grow richer.

Here’s a little real news that throws a monkey wrench in the “conspiracy theory.” Trump (temporarily) withheld the “aid” (arming) to Ukraine a month before that infamous phone call to the Ukrainian president…
This isn’t about Trump’s malfeasance, its about war.

They also are aware such a war could become suicidal otherwise it would have already been fought.On the other hand the mass depopulation would eventually be great for our planet.

NOTHING ON GALLAGHER??? Why don’t we see the video of him about to kill some teenager defending his country( A PRISONER OF WAR PASSED OUT)------why don’t YOU show the trophy photo-------WE LIVE IN A CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE------SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM----SUPPORT THE COMMONS!

What difference does the timing of withholding that aid matter?

The salient point is that he withheld it to use as a bargaining chip in a quid pro quo with a foreign leader to gain an election advantage over Joe Biden. And then he did precisely that along with using a second bargaining chip in the form of a much-needed symbolic White House meeting with Ukraine’s newly elected president. it almost worked, too. Zelensky was close to announcing the investigations Trump wanted. Right up, that is, until Trump got exposed. Then he obstructed Congress in the aftermath.

And by the way, Ukraine’s newly elected president won an overwhelming electoral victory based largely on his promise to negotiate an end to the Donbas War that none of us likes – the war that has seen 13,000 people die. To negotiate, Zelensky needs a relative position of strength – a position that would be weakened if he didn’t get the military aid approved by Congress and then the Pentagon for disbursement. Trump’s legal team searched for every trick in the book to withhold that legally appropriated aid – then suddenly, just days after getting caught, he released it. And lo and behold, the first tentative face-to-face steps toward negotiating with Putin to end that war have begun.

Meanwhile, the WSWS has been predicting direct confrontation with Russia since forever. But all we ever see are proxy wars – harsh ones, for sure – that move pieces on a global chessboard. Putin has a glowing track record in those proxy wars of late: he’s winning in Donbas, he won in Syria, he’s winning the pipeline war, arguably his side has won in Iraq, he seems to have won over Turkey and much of Europe, and he even has an understanding with Israel and the KSA. Certainly, China is in a cooperative mood with Putin. All of Putin’s wins are fine by me, despite his being corrupt and oppressive – I’m 100% against our Cold War posture, unlike the bi-partisan Washington DC foreign policy consensus. In my view, Putin’s brand of corrupt is no worse, and probably better for the planet than ours.

Now then, I asked you to provide an example of such a quid pro quo for a political favor, Tom. I asked because you said they happen all the time. Do you have an example or not?

Quid pro quo? Why do you even need to ask? The entire principle of foreign aid is in of itself a quid pro quo. US presidents start wars that kill millions and devastate entire regions for decades for no apparent reason other than the profits of Wall Street and the MIC. You seem to attribute some kind of noble or ethical aura to US presidents from which Trump is an exception.

Here’s a line from Full Spectrum Fubar from Counterpunch:

“A criminal sociopathic President, impeached by a criminal, sociopathic Congress, not for high crimes in which they have been deeply complicit, but on two empty, trivial, puny premises, with the charade locked in insoluble stasis while the clueless country hurtles toward catastrophe: this is what is laughingly referred to as government in this sad, stupid, criminal nation.”

If you can’t or won’t see the difference between a quid pro quo designed to achieve a foreign policy goal and a quid pro quo designed to achieve an advantage over an election opponent, you’re willfully blind.

And nowhere have I ever attributed an ethical aura to a US president. For you to assert that is absurd.

I asked you twice to provide an example of such a quid pro quo for a political favor, Tom. I asked because you said they happen all the time. But since there is no example, you can’t.

Which makes my point on impeachment perfectly.