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10 Good Things About a TERRIBLE Year

10 Good Things About a TERRIBLE Year

Medea Benjamin

With so many good people feeling depressed, let’s point to the positive things that happened, even in this really, really bad year.


Hi everybody! Merry Christmas and as I prefer Happy Holidays. We need a good message to help us through these trying times. I’m refraining from my cynicism today and am fortunate to be here for another day with my cat, Isis, and yes, she was named before the current nonsense in the ME. The Ol’ Hippy:grinning::grinning:


Coincidentally I was just celebrating a good news story in one of our local newspapers the other day, and maybe others will find it a bit uplifting as well.

Peace to us all!


Medea. Everyone at Code Pink. Love. Respect. Honor. Family. Peace. You all, are ALL OF THESE! Thank you.

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The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival was broadcast nationally December 4, 2017. This began in the last year or two as the “Moral Mondays Movement” in N. Carolina by a reverend Barber, former head of the N.C. chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. He and thousands of Movement supporters hit the streets every Monday for months and months and have had a profound uplifting effect upon the conscience of the fanatical political corportists that had been running North Carolina government into the ground. The voters actually rose up! The poor! Believe it? THE POOR VOTED! An upheaval shift to universal moral outrage grew exponentially. We citizens will not be demeaned as mere “consumers”, no more! A Moral Revival is the winning tactic. The parasitic reach of the corporate bankster, without “its” mask, is plainly naked and pitiful.

Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
This link has a habit of being on, and then, off. Keep trying, 'cuz it is soooooo RIGHT ON!


Please lets recognize and try to stop the trade deal enabled theft of our planets future, all shared wealth and democracy.

There trade deals make it into a crime for governments to help poor people and require they privatize everything irreversibly This push is being led byus- the US. So our whole political situation right now is a big lie… A diversion from the real theft which is being executed by trade agreements. Irreversibly. Really. Its so big that they are blotting out the news from the media.

Please read this- Health for Some

Everybody should have a right to affordable health care- we should not give corporations irreversible rights to sell it and deny people of care if they dont have money. Or other essentials, countries should be able to keep affordable health care without tricks being played on them by trade agreements like the GATS and TiSA.

  • This is also happening here, but its even worse than in the UK- we are in the belly of this beast.

GATS - which was signed in 1994 explains so many things about the last 20 years-

We should not let other countries replace our own people in skilled jobs by the means of this illegitimate agreement between rich people to dispose of democracy to undercut workers.


This scheme to eliminate public education globally is a huge mistake- poor countries should not be pressured by the US to eliminate public hcealthcare and education or to stop making affordable generic drugs… saving lives…

also why they are privatizing education and globalizing service jobs away to the lowest bidders. To lower wages for even high skilled people.

Its so very wrong to try to harmonize regulations and wages downward to subject everybody to this.


“Everything I’ve been working on for 50 years has gone down the toilet.”

Stop right there unless there is focused and continuous pressure to arrest the regimes control.

11. Medea Benjamin!