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10 Good Things that Happened this Year in US Politics

10 Good Things that Happened this Year in US Politics

Peter Cohen

As we end 2016, with many Americans still in shock over the elections results, it's easy to overlook all the good things that happened in the US politically. So, as we prepare for 4 years of open resistance of the majority of the population against an elected administration, here are a few things we can be thankful for...

1. Bernie Sanders


Good article. I am pleased that the author acknowledged the slide to fascism in the last 8 years and I agree that it has been ignored. The only point I disagree with is the opinion of DN. It used to be my go-to program. I listened to it on Pacifica and then on KQED World. Unfortunately, I rarely tune in now. I fear that the need for funds eventually influences/co-ops even the best organizations.

Agree. I love Amy Goodman but I’m starting to feel the same. This would be a shame.

Cohen sez: “The US slide toward fascism over the past 8 years has been completely ignored.”

The preposition “toward” in this case would be more accurate if replaced by “deeper into”. A sinking ship doesn’t descend “toward” the sea.

English will soon be our second language?

Can’t see it myself.

Overall some food for thought.