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10 Laziest Takes of Election Season 2016


10 Laziest Takes of Election Season 2016

Adam Johnson

The 2016 election season is roughly half over, but already certain tried-and-true trends have emerged in coverage. Generating original content is hard; generating it over and over over the course of an ever-elongated election season is near impossible. With that in mind, here are 10 of the laziest takes of this election season.

10. “Marco Rubio Is About to Turn the Corner”


These buildings gonna fall, saw 'em hit by planes, any time now.


The original intent in the media's focusing on Trump was as an alternative to focusing on Bernie phenomenal rise in popularity. The media saw Bernie getting bigger and bigger crowds and suddenly they were all saying "Ooh look Trump is getting big crowds!" And then barely mentioned Sanders name. They began the association with outsiders between Trump and Bernie thinking to dismiss both after an initial spate of popularity. That didn't happen.

Despite media silence (nearly so) about Bernie, he kept on coming. Trump was entertainment and got all the media he could want and turned into Trumpenstein the monster who was beyond the media's ability to control. Even at this late date there is still an attempt to equate level headed Bernie with flakey impetuous Trump because both are outsiders. The fact that they are virtually polar opposites doesn't matter to a media that we have seen is more devoted to shaping public opinion than in faithfully reporting the news. Journalism standards have become almost as corrupt as politicians.


What we hear over and over again is these so-called pundits opinions about the candidates, like they are some kind of journalistic, experts when nothing could be further from the truth.


Congratulations BWilliamson, you have the #1 laziest take of 2016...




I could not agree with #4 more. The 'Bernie Bro' meme has been one of the most bogus media-fabricated think pieces of any meme throughout this 2016 Election. Since when does a vocal minority of irrational Sanders supporters suddenly link anyone who agrees with the Senator (and, likewise, anyone who disagrees even slightly with Hillary) a "Bernie Bro"? The funny thing is, in trying to paint those "Bernie Bros" as sexist, the term morphed into a closeted term of sexism itself.

Also, if I started right now to call any Hillary surrogates, her most devoted and blind supporters, "Hillary Hoes", what would realistically happen? I would get called sexist, and it is a sexist term. It would be a sexist term even if I can prove that most Hillary supporters have this blind faith in her even as her corruption and corporate-whoredom is exposed by both Independent media and Sanders himself by the minute. Even if I could prove that their first choice is Hillary even when they said they would support Sanders should he take the nomination (contrast that to a good chunk of Sanders supporters vowing not to vote for Hillary if she's the nominee), not because they agree with the policies and principles he embodies - they've called them pie-in-the-sky with every chance rewarded, and Hillary's closing statement contained a basic dig of such effect - but because of this farcical 'Party Unity' heresey. So why is Bernie Bro not a sexist term in the minds of HRC's camp?


I got it. Kinda.

The problem is, my taking a lot of Literature classes has wired me to think too much. Antiheroes are a thing for me. LOL


MCutler: I call those fanatical supporters of Slickery: Hillary Cultists...like the cult of Eva Peron, or
the cult of Marilyn Monroe, where Slickery is held up as an ideal of womanhood, of humanity itself. To them she could be responsible for any number of wrongs, and yet she will be excused and defended. As someone wrote recently, what is so lacking in their lives that they believe Slickery will fix it? (Not).


"Haaretz: The Angry White Men That Gave Trump and Sanders Their Victories
CNN: Why Americans Are So Angry in 2016:The Rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, Many Say, Is a Reflection of the Anger in America Today.
Fortune: Why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Both Appeal to Angry, White Men
Wall Street Journal: Angry White Males Propel Donald Trump—and Bernie Sanders"

This is such a pathetic low blow to the intelligence of the electorate. That anyone who supports Sanders or Trump is "an angry white male". The best way not to treat an opponent's valid argument is to smear him/her, lump him/her, label and finally consign to an disreputable, unworthy-to-engage position. I am not sure if the "what male" categorization of everyone disillusioned with the present state of the US government is meant in some way as the diametrical opposition of Clinton's prime appeal among those who believe in the female-president ideology. It would be politically incorrect to say that Clinton's vote base is large among the feminist cheer crowds, for they are are supposed to be rational people who are impressed with her merit, accomplishments and her potential for "getting things done". Yet, no character assassination when proclaiming confidently that the "white males" support Sanders or Trump because they are emotionally moved by the white boy identity appeals of their candidates.

The founding fathers in every nation had high hopes in democracy and the separation they had insisted between legislative and executive powers, free press and privately owned economy. They would be shocked to see the level of collusion that can disease the notion of democracy in order to protect the power, wealth and incumbency of a minority class.


While this piece did a pretty good job highlighting the low standards in 'jounalism' that have come to pass (the screen-shot collages in particular), the writing itself is just a part of that same drivel to me. The author lost me early with, "exceedingly centrist Hillary Clinton." In my little nook of reality, the traditional political spectrum no longer applies. We can place the candidates on a different sort of spectrum this way: Bernie talks some sense, Hillary is a self-serving sycophant, the Donald is a self-serving gorilla, and Cruz is so far out to lunch that he's out to both dinner and breakfast as well.


I'm not going to listen to you because you're bad.