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10 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’


10 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’

Stefanie Penn Spear

It’s hard not to #FeelTheBern these days, that is the Bernie Sanders energy that is storming the nation. Just last week Sanders had the largest turnout of any presidential candidate so far in this primary race with nearly 10,000 people attending his speech in Madison, Wisconsin.


This bears repeating:

“The Koch brothers alone—second wealthiest family in America, an extremely rightwing family,” Sanders continued, “will spend more money on this election cycle than either the Democratic or Republican parties … This is not democracy. You are looking at an oligarchy form of government.”


Truth is so electrifying. It’s like a shot of intuition, an internal bell goes off and you can tell somethings happening.

Bernie is about the only thing out there that’s happening right now. And his focus on issues like campaign finance reform and climate change are significant to name just a few.

We’ve had plenty of “business as usual.” Now for some change that really benefits the whole.


So you seem to have forgotten to include an alternative? Or are you just saying to progressives that they shouldn’t vote for anyone? There can be no movement on change of any kind when you permit the status quo to be elected. So even if Bernie isn’t perfect, please tell us who in the race is perfect? Who should we vote for if not the best of a bad lot?



I don’t understand you SR (aside from the vanity of being first to post so much.) Here you actually say nothing , you simply repeat verbatim what was written by the author of the article! Do you think we are all incapable of reading for ourselves?

It might have been excusable if you had at least added some original comments or criticism but simply repeating what has been written just to be the first one to post something is ridiculous.

This was really silly this time SR.


Voting for oligarchy politicians to save us goes against reason.

But Bernie isn’t an oligarchy puppet.

That’s reason enough to campaign for him.


Bernie rocking? Yes!

Free world? Uh, surveillance world is more like it.


Isn’t that the dictionary definition of plutocracy?


Pro-War? As I remember it he voted against the Iraq war 2. As for the Israel Pal situation he has steadfastly supported a two State solution from day 1. Unfortunately, for many people in here if he isn’t for the extinction of Israel he’s a bad guy period end of argument. They seem to believe that issue is at the core of the Progressive movement and they’re wrong, it’s not even close.


I’m all for Bernie. But what precisely are the “10 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’”? The piece mentions various things, but effectively promises a bullet list that’s not there. A short, simple list would be nice to have when spreading the word about him.


Here’s my issue. Sanders focuses almost entirely on domestic issues- yes from a progressive perspective.

But you know who was the most progressive president in the history of the United States on domestic issues? Yes, LBJ, who escalated Vietnam into a terrible war of the U.S. against the people of Vietnam.

Am I saying that Sanders would be as much a war monger as LBJ? No, I’m not. But what I am saying is that domestic issues are not enough. If LBJ hadn’t dropped out in '68 and I had been old enough to vote (I was 13), I would have voted for Kennedy or McCarthy because of the war, even though LBJ was the most progressive president ever on domestic issue.

So now in '15 I can’t just focus on domestic issues.

What occurs to me is that Sanders either doesn’t really oppose our imperial project, he just wants to do it in the ‘gentler’ way that was common before George W. Bush went ballistic, -or- he doesn’t have the courage to speak out on it in the campaign. Now you can assert that he’s just being wise- but if he isn’t courageous enough to speak out in the campaign how in the world will he be courageous enough to actually oppose it if he were in office?

Some will say to me that by supporting a candidate outside the duopoly like Jill Stein I am wasting my time.

But the thing is- I believe in Democracy and that means YOU VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE.

Here’s my challenge- if you agree more with Stein than with Sanders- than vote your conscience and quit the pragmatic thing of voting for those electable. As long as we don’t vote for people who actually are the ones our conscience tells us to vote for, then we can’t ever expect to have representatives who actually represent us.

I will not vote against my conscience and vote for someone who supports Israel’s terror against Gaza, who supports was against ISIS, just in a gentler way, and who supports the fascists in Kiev. I don’t care how good he is on domestic issues- I must vote my conscience.

You may say I’m a dreamer- well I’m not the only one.


Sanders’ silence on Israel is more than likely due to the fact that he is Jewish and his father died in the Holocaust. He evidently prefers to focus his energy right now on the economy and populist issues that the American people can get on board with. If elected ( which I somehow doubt, although I will vote for him!), he might at that time do something about Israel…who knows.


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Yeah, and I thought that Obama would do the things I hoped he’d do.

Since then I’ve learned that if a candidate actually says he supports the imperial project- like Obama said he’d increase the war in Afghanistan, then you can just realize that they are tools of the MIC.

Bernis is NOT silent on Israel except now in the campaign. He’s been very clear in the past that he is 100% behind whatever they think they need to do to ‘defend’ themselves.


one reason may be that it’s a pre-requisite for holding high federal office. Obama did an about-turn on his middle East stance as soon as he was about to be on the national stage.