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10 Reasons the US Should Stick With the Iran Nuclear Deal


10 Reasons the US Should Stick With the Iran Nuclear Deal

Medea Benjamin

On Trump's wildly false arguement that the agreement is not in the country's national interest


Trump is doing Israel’s bidding. Israel wants Iran crushed into submission, into ending its support for Hezbollah and Hamas, and has no concern for the interest of the US or any unfriendlies in the Middle East.
No price is too high for us to pay in the service of its interests.

Israel is a destructive parasite that seeks to control its host. It has done and is threatening to do great damage to the US, damage like another war on its behalf, all while it milks us for billions of dollars and lowers our international standing.

For example, Emails released by WikiLeaks show that Hillary Clinton’s concerns on Syria were not ours, but exclusively Israeli’s (and consequently her own selfish interests). How has that worked out?

Russian interference in out elections is nothing compared to Israel’s. Israel is an albatross around the neck of the US and we need to free ourself.


Trying to subvert the Iran, JPCOA agreement would be a monumental mistake and I’m glad that M Benjamin spelled out the details in easy to understand language. I think the biggest reason to keep everything in place is to show the world that the US CAN keep at least one detailed agreement,one. If this is derailed the US will, rightly so. lose all credibility on the world stage. It;s bad as it is the US doesn’t need to go any lower, Congress or someone, anyone has to stop this fool from doing even more damage to the world standing of the US.


Iran could become a better friend to the USA than Israel has ever been. Before you play “Kill the Messenger”, spend an hour researching even some of the many nasty things that “friend” Israel has done to our country. Start, perhaps, with The Liberty Affair.