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10 Reasons to Fear John Bolton


10 Reasons to Fear John Bolton

Medea Benjamin

Let’s not mince words: John Bolton is a war-monger and his appointment to be Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor is a threat to global security. Bolton advocates a foreign policy that exaggerates threats, belittles diplomacy, shows contempt for international institutions and is quick to use violence. The National Security Advisor position does not need Senate confirmation, so starting April 9, the hawk of all hawks will be perched at the White House.

Need specifics on why we should oppose Bolton? Here are some. Add your own.


I am amazed at the lack of concern over tensions with Russia. This is getting out of control and I see NO ONE calling attention to it. Russia is not some third world country we can kick around. When are we going to wake up before its too late???


Bolton thinks, “all you need is force”, and “no one else matters a dam”. He thinks that shows strength and clear-sightedness, when what it really reveals is the animus of the evil simpleton.


I’m tired of living in fear. When are we going to rise up and actually challenge our oppressors, instead of living in fear of and making concessions with them?


The US is on a rapid descent and the rise of men such as Bolton and Trump exemplify a nation in extreme crisis. I fear for this nation and the world although so much damage has already been done over the years by neo-liberal US politicians. If we were a truly great nation - people like Medea would be part of our leadership. We would seek co-operation and harmony in the world and respect and dignity for each human being. We are going in the opposite direction. Either the people of the US are unwilling, unable or uninterested in reforming their government. I’m afraid disasters of many sorts may be the only thing that motivates people to rise up and seek something better.


Goebbels would be green with envy watching the US refine the strategies he devised for his fuehrer.



Excellent question!


They too need to learn that in the end they are but prey to the billionaires that are buying our politicians and are really running the country.


Gross looking and worse thinking …a despicable person. The ‘media’ pushes him on us, why? Just ask who owns the media.


I fear Bolton because he’s Bolton, a psycho from birth. He should arm himself and go to war.
And NO, we should not live in fear, as someone above wondered. We must rise up or this is only going to get worse with this lunatic in charge


So very true.


yES, I have always said the 10% of congress and the administration should be on the front lines of any war. Trump and Bolton - those big mouths - should also be there on the front lines ahead of our young people. How many wars do you think we would have?


Oh hell, we’d have none. Even better in a way, just reinstate the draft-we would not have been in Iraq more than a couple of months, tops.


I only need one, the man is a raving lunatic.


I refuse to fear corporatistas pushing profitable wars for one percenters.


Hundreds of thousands of farm families fled to Russia after the US instigated overthrow of democracy in Ukraine. And after the regular army refused to kill Ukrainian citizens, the US coup puppets sent nazis to attack Russian speakers.

Hundreds of thousands of farm families fled the bread basket of Europe for the safety of Russia, east of Moscow.

The US, Nato and their Nazi right wing will have to defeat Moscow to get to the new breadbasket of Europe, now deep inside Russia, on the train line to Beijing to the east and London to the west.

The US pivot to the Pacific will be a roaring success as soon as US nation building in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Somalia is completed.


The usual vector is send troops to different cities and districts from where they were raised. Eventually troop y kills troop x’s town and everybody in the barracks knows what’s goin’ down.

There comes a day when people start leaving the army with as much as they can carry and showing up at home to protect whatever’s left.

The situation we are experiencing now is not revolutionary. We have a military empire attempting to run the world and the rich have squeezed the poor to pay for it. Now there is nobody left to buy corporate doodads and the rich are in tantrum mode. Reptilian brains are ruling in government for their last hurrah.


I think it was the New York Times which summarised Bolton over the weekend as “a man who never found a problem where Military intervention was not his preferred solution”


Cheer up! Bolton is a s**t stain, but it could be worse. We could get Frank Gaffney.