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10 Reasons Why Democratic Insiders Shouldn’t Be Surprised


10 Reasons Why Democratic Insiders Shouldn’t Be Surprised

Barbara Burt

Political insiders claim to have been “blindsided” by the reaction of voters to the presidential primary candidates. Here are ten reasons the establishment missed the boat.



Nice outline of the social and political blindness of wealthy elites, and their stenographers in corporate media!

From the article:
"To use a favorite phrase of the elite, what’s needed is “disruption” of that failed system."
- i love irony! "Creative destruction" is another term that "elite commentators" bandy about as a positive term, with barely a nod to those whose lives are trashed by that "beneficial" economic upheaval.

From the article:
"More than half of the discretionary spending in the 2015 federal budget went to defense and homeland security."
- We should stop accepting the PR euphemism "defense." Either put it in quotes, or call it what it is: war. And what should we call "homeland security"? National policing?

From the article:
"Through it all, Millennials have been connected. They hear the latest news at the speed of the internet. They populate social media. They are savvy media consumers. And they look for authenticity; they don’t fall for hype. Most of all, they are harsh critics of the way things are."
- Millennials "don't fall for hype"? Social media itself, the network that enables it, and the looting and vast fortunes that are built on that, are among the biggest hype in human history. These "savvy media consumers" are thinking barely at all about how the rapidly accelerating development of the network will utterly transform what it means to exist as a human being. It's all about the individual, personal convenience and speed of information and communication, without widespread deconstruction of or resistance to the profiteering, data-mining and psychological manipulation that are coded into the software and operating systems on behalf of capital.


You got that right about the millennials falling for the hype of social media. Of course keep in mind that neuroscientists are now saying that the brain is not fully developed until age 25 and particularly those areas of the frontal lobes involved in decision making are late to be fully developed. That is probably why car insurance rates are increased for male drivers up to age 25. Millennials do seem to be leading the way in turning the details of their private lives over to data collecting corporations such as Facebook and Google which make huge profits by selling the data to advertisers. Unfortunately the millennials appear to be the biggest suckers in American society and that is really saying something given the history of many Americans often being suckers.


That cartoon is soooooo true!

Both Bernie and Donald are tapping into the anger of the American electorate. Too bad there is not some way this anger could be used to form a third party coalition, then we could have real political revolution! Both parties are so corrupt that what America needs is another party that would bury the duopoly of the one war party.


New Hampshire Democratic Primary Winners

2016: Bernie Sanders: 151,584
2012: Barack Obama: 49,080
2008: Hillary Clinton: 112,404
2004: John Kerry: 84,390
2000: Al Gore: 76,897
1996: Bill Clinton: 76,797
1992: Paul Tsongas: 55,663
1988: Michael Dukakis: 44,112
1984: Gary Hart: 37,702
1980: Jimmy Carter: 52,648


And here I thought that the reason that political elites should not be surprised is that they get so violent and nasty when they are upset.


That line jumped out at me as well. Right up through WWII, the U.S. still had a War Department. That remains its function, despite the genteel euphemism.
And "Department of Homeland Security", if translated to German, essentially becomes "Gestapo".


i started out including GeStaPo as the "proper" term for Homeland Security, but edited it into a question instead before i posted, wondering if it would come up in a reply. Thanks!


Terrific article Barbara Burt! Hope to see more journalistic contributions on a regular basis.

As has been noted by others - we live in a time when restatement of the obvious (and not so obvious) , on a regular basis is a necessity to counter the 'jiggery pokery' (?) so common to institutionalized ponzi schemes.


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Good article until the end. But.......

"2008, President Obama ignited an electorate young and old with his talk of economic fairness, politics free of the influence of special interests, affordable and accessible healthcare, environmental responsibility, and bi-partisanship. In the eight years since, some of his initiatives have come to pass, but too many were derailed by a political system flooded with corporate money and stymied by political intransigence. Those voters who were so hopeful that his election portended real change have lost faith that meaningful progress can come from the system as it exists today."

Obama might have been blindsided, as you say, but Obama did not stand up to those who stymied him. And, none of those issues you imply he succeeded in accomplishing were in any way effective. 8 years wasted on the environment (Tim DeChristopher spent two of those years in jail); where is the economic fairness?; his idea of bi-partianship is surrender; affordable healthcare? (the insurance companies are still laughing as they head to the bank); special interest free politics? (please spare me, my sides hurt from laughing); people are jailed or their careers ruined for disclosing what Obama's open government did not want us to know; this make him do it President turned the police loose on the OWS group in NYC and many other places who tried to do just that; illegal wars still raging all over the world and torture still occurring and their perpetrators never prosecuted by our look only forward not back President. Yep, the universe is one big circle and we have now traveled around that circle under Obama's promises so far we are now arriving back at the time of kings, royalty and serfs. Long live the King! I have always been a registered Democrat, but not for much longer. Believing in Obama has been one huge political mistake for me and many others.


Perhaps Bernie should choose Trump to be his running mate in the November General. That would be the largest landside victory. Imagine the coalition ... gun packin' right wing idiots and gun totin' liberals dancing in the street together with their victory.


I expect to take some flak for this; but, yes, Stein appears to have no conceptual flaws, except recognizing that she truly has no national presence, Green Party or not. If you're going to change things non-violently, you need lots and lots of votes. I've often wondered why Dr. Stein hasn't run for the Senate as an independent, as Angus King did from Maine. Look at the positive effect Warren is having from her bully pulpit; and, overall, Stein appears to have a much better grasp of reality, especially world politics. Where Warren is focused on finance; Stein could begin with a focus on health, veterans affairs, and/or military spending. As it stands, currently, Warren has a better chance of eventually making it to the presidency than does Stein; though, I much prefer Stein's beliefs. From Paul Street's article, it appears that Stein is counting on Sanders eventually losing his democratic bid and telling his minions to vote for Clinton. His disaffected would then flock to the Green Party. That's a lot of ifs, given that Sanders is an independent; and, might well be tempted to then run as such. But, then again, perhaps this is the only choice that Stein feels she has, given that, within the next two to three years, the USA could go the way of the Soviet Union - bankrupt from its military overspending, plus an implosion of its financial system.


"These 'savvy media consumers' are thinking barely at all about how the rapidly accelerating development of the network will utterly transform what it means to exist as a human being."

I don't suggest that you're wrong, but I do wonder how you know this to be so.


Ahhhh, that explains why all those millennials are supporting Bernie (along with every other age group) because they are all undeveloped suckers who are poisoned by social media. Tell me, which category do you fit in, the biggest suckers in American society or the rest of America who are just a little bit less suckerish.
I prefer to admire the young, and all of those people who dare to see the way things could be better and who look for ways of achieving that goal, rather than just wallowing in their own jaded negativity.


I'm not sure exactly how the elites are going to pull this rug out from under the people, but the further Bernie goes the uglier their "solution" promises to be.

People seem to have forgotten a hard truth: the powerful will never allow their power to be voted away. Keep fighting for Bernie, but brace yourselves for the moment the elite demonstrate once again why their sociopathic class rules this country and this world.


There is truth to this line of reasoning. I support Bernie, but will NEVER vote for Shillary and go back to voting for the Green Party if she is the nominee, the Court argument be damned.


I feel the same way. I hope Sanders goes Indy when he loses. If he does I'll probably vote for him. I don't believe he will, he's already said he'll endorse Clinton and at the same time she will inherit his infrastructure if not some of his votes...

In the unlikely event that he wins the nomination I don't have to vote for him to give him my electoral votes. The democrat is guaranteed to get them in my state. So I'll still be voting Stein.

I think Stein is aware of her lack of exposure and name recognition but what else can she do? I mean for years ago she showed up at a debate and got arrested! The system excludes her and didn't even expose her noble efforts. I hope she gets on the ballot on all 50.


I don't find it shocking at all. For the most part we agree on many social freedoms (especially libertarians and progressives) and economic inequality. It's the media and the parties that use the issues the population disagrees on to divide us. Issues that the oligarchs couldn't care less about.