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10 Steps to Wean US Foreign Policy Off Militarism

“None of the presidential candidates have been calling for a significant reduction in the bloated military budget that eats up half the discretionary funds in the US budget. They should. How else can we find the funds needed to invest in key areas such as sustainable energy projects, infrastructure, care for veterans, education, or affordable housing?”

Bernie wants to cut the military budget, just not his pet military boondoggle, the F-35.

His followers remind me of Obama’s and Clinton’s, Jeb’s and Trump’s followers: they see what they want to see and nothing else. Thereby, the very flawed, grovelling Wall Street servant becomes a public saint.

Wall Street’s most vicious thugs count on it. It pays them handsomely.

Thus their broad and deep investments in candidates who are good at cultivating illusions of grandeur. The Koch Bros. and Adelson’s may have very flawed political judgements that cost them millions. Why should they care? They have plenty of millions to invest in their sport. With a little luck, and a little learning, the sport pays handsomely. Look how well Obama’s investors have been rewarded with the so-called economic recovery that only the wealthiest 1% have enjoyed.


It will actually be at least 1.4 trillion for the F-35. That’s Bernie’s version of reducing military spending…

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You may have missed where Medea makes it clear that none of the current candidates (which includes Mr. Sanders) is calling for significant cuts in military spending.


If we survive President Trump, the Republiclown Congress and the SCOTUS cons, maybe you will get your wish.

Why do most countries with close to 100% voter turnout have the best democracies?

Sorry Medea, but the very first thing that needs to be done is, we need to get the wealthy and their lobbyists out of the halls of congress and the whitewash house! We need to make it extremely illegal for business types to have any influence whatsoever in Washington DC and the 50 state legislatures! As long as the wealthy and their thugs hold power in DC and the 50 state capitals, nothing that is good can be accomplished!

Even if voting American’s elected the perfect president and she followed each of Medea’s steps to the letter, we could be no safer. There would still be nations with militaristic and agressive leaders; terrorists who hate us for what we have done; pandemics that will come because we have ignored the universal need for primary health care, clean water, sanitation, adequate nutrition and basic education; inevitable climate change from any major nation refusing to participate in CO2 reduction; economic collapse from our own nation or some other economic power’s economic incompetence; WMD proliferation from dual-use bio, chem, cyber, nuclear, or conventional technologies that cannot be controlled. REALITY: Liberals like Medea believe security is a function of disarmament. Conservatives (pick a GOP candidate) believe security is a function of armaments (peace through strength). Both fail to grasp the profound reality that security is a function of justice. And justice is a function democratic laws effectively enforcing human rights equally for all. Until ‘we the world’s people’ put the protection of human rights and our environment ABOVE the rights of governments and corporations to do as they please, we will not know peace, security or true freedom. It’s either the global ‘rule of law’ or the continued and accelerating chaos of the international law system where the law of force remains supreme.

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