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10 Things You Need to Know About Trump’s Tax Returns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/29/10-things-you-need-know-about-trumps-tax-returns

At first I thought --how could a con man get so far in politics------but then, so many in Congress seem like con men and con women too— the People don’t seem to matter to many in Congress----as they, like Trump, appear to be working for themselves and not for the good of the nation or for We the People : (

Alternate Universe:

  1. Did he break the law? And WHOSE LAW might that be chemosabe? (yup, that’s a reference to cancer)

  2. How little has he paid in taxes? Wheres the connection to administrative falderal and ladeeda in both the State of NY and Reagun’s gutting on behalf of kleptocracy? same old same old deeper in hole being dug.

  3. The entire “brand” thing is the mirror image of the Bernaysian disease since the 30s when the nephew of Freud proved that psychological warfare fought with manipulative tongues could slide beneath the radar and decimate for “profit” all areas “externalized” by predatory “capitalism”, which is to spend ( go into debt) to grind away at kleptocratic empire destroying the integrity of the planet.
    4.Why did he run for president? Because Bannon and the Mercers, the Kochs and their cadre proved that precisely this smoke and mirrors could be perpetrated for the period equivalent to the term of a “commander in chief”. Follow the money.

  4. How broke is he? WRONG QUESTION!!! It is the full monty mafia methodology. As long as he is stewing and secreting chaos to divert from the FED money printing machine on Grand Chessboard he is being guaranteed the courts and ALL DECISIONS therein.

  5. You know PRECISELY WHO HE OWES MONEY TO. Those who benefit from him owing money in pivot point cases where the administration of governance can be used by mafia ‘dons’. He was irresistible! Do you actually think frigging names are the key here? Go eat the system.

  6. Does he represent a national security risk? That question should have been asked and fully answered long long ago. He is not a “risk”. IT IS A DONE DEAL. Temporal diversion based on ideology is its name, and it is like claiming you can change the clock, the calendar and and the mechanizms that depend on them. Pink Floyd nailed that one too. Ain’t it a gas to think that knowledge comes from places other than electoral humptydump?

  7. Why is he so desperate to stay in power? Because this is a path of no return. AND WE ALL KNOW IT!

  8. What’s trump’s reaction to this bombshell? Telling his cronies to play the reins on the bridles of ALL who - especially among clintonites - have been playing precisely the same game since REAGAN. Can you say MILITARY INDUSTRIAL ENSLAVEMENT/EXTRACTION COMPLEX?Agribusiness, chemical, CAFO, shipping, mining, plastics, etc, etc, and so forth. This is the “big tent” - who in their right mind thought it was anything other than the corral and schute to the slaughter house? Would you like tthat rare or well done? (thats the ONLY context in which anything is ‘well done’.

  9. Sorry, go blow yourself Reich.