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10 Tips on Disarming Despair

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/20/10-tips-disarming-despair

Tip #11: Don’t take it personally. Climate disruption is IM-personal.

Here’s a link to a review by Counterpunch’s Robert Hunziker of a book due out 1/31/2020, written by Mark Jaccard, professor of Sustainable Energy at the School of Resource and Environmental Management.

This review contains many book details to share. The following quote from it emphasizes the theme to not take it personally:

"The fossil fuel industry and insincere politicians would like nothing better than to delay compulsory policies by claiming that we need behavioral change. We must not play into their hands…”

“…it’s far better, and more rewarding for the individual, to focus attention/effort as an 'activist pushing for a technological and regulatory change of 80% fossil fuel usage.”

When I feel hopeless in the face of the endless wars, the ingrained corruption, and the determination by the rapacious capitalists to rape the planet to death and the human population with it, I remember this: a hundred years ago, women still didn’t have the vote. A hundred years ago, the Progressive agenda was the right to form unions, social security, child labor laws, and temperance. (Okay, they were wrong about temperance). But they achieved all of those things within twenty years. Now we have a new agenda.

I especially appreciate the enjoinment to visualize the world as we want it to be. In my world, war is illegal. It is charged as a mass homocide, and torture is unthinkable. In my world, America is a humbler nation, that does not send special forces into 80 countries every year, because that is illegal. In my world, instead of spending $6 trillion on illegal wars, and National Security, we have Medicare for All, and a guaranteed basic income, not only enough to live on, but enough to raise a kid. In the world I envision, there are a lot of parks, and you can get all over the country on high-speed rail (as you can all over Europe).

During the 80 years of fighting the Spanish Occupation, the Prince of Orange said, “It is not necessary to hope in order to act, nor to succeed, in order to persevere.” They won.


A little pablum for the masses . . . thanks for babysitting the weak-minded!

There’s a word for “hope they are wrong”:


Hope screws us.

Let’s Stop Pretending the Sixth Mass Extinction is stoppable.