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10 Ways that the Climate Crisis and Militarism Are Intertwined

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/26/10-ways-climate-crisis-and-militarism-are-intertwined


Thank you, Medea.
Sadly, on this planet and especially here, there few things as uncommon as common sense. I hope your wake up call takes root and grows.
Bless you!


This is the biggest elephant in the room as far as I am concerned. The USA’s policies of empire, encircling the globe with military bases, making failed states of disobedient nations, of never-ending war, have been accelerating global warming by at least 10%. And by destabilizing huge parts of the globe, i.e. Africa & the Greater Middle East (also Ukraine), our military has crippled & perhaps even killed any possibility of creating the kind of true, enforceable global accords necessary to cope with Global Warming. The US Military is therefore the single biggest obstacle toward effective action to mitigate Global Warming. And since Global Warming is the biggest threat to humanity, then stopping the US Military is essential if our species is to survive. The US Military is quite literally going to end up killing us all, by bullets, by drones, by bombs, by boiling or choking us on its pollution, or by simply ruining the world’s agriculture so we all starve. In a very real sense, the 21st century US Military is a greater threat to humanity than Hitler’s armies ever were.


Well said!

Thank you thank you thank you, Media, you brilliant and brave Woman. You have been my shero for years and I’m honored to be of your gender.


From my perspective, your post is not hyperbole, because the Nazi, Germany Third Reich was never really defeated…it just changed it’s country and morphed into the Amerikan, Fourth Reich, supported by the propaganda of the Fourth Estate. Goebbels, if he were still alive, would no doubt be hired as an anchor for Foxy News!


Yes, I agree. Thank you Medea.


When the accounting office of the Pentagon was hit on 9/11, 10 trillion dollars with missing and unaccounted for from the Pentagon budget. Today 21 trillion dollars is missing and unaccounted for. So not only does the US military &
Corporate intelligence community hold the United States taxpayers and citizens in 109 countries hostage, they routinely squander the resources we work so hard and diligently to create and produce. For whose personal gain?


Also: the 3rd Reich attempted to annihilate the Jews, Roma, gay people, & few other groups, but not the whole human race. But Global Warming has the real potential to make us completely extinct. So, no, I was engaging in hyperbole.

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I agree but not entirely. The Pentagon as the single largest institutional consumer of fossil fuels is false. Global trade and trucking, luxury air travel and car-dependency are institutions of corporate control that far exceed fossil fuel consumption of the US military. Nuclear war as an existential threat is true but not entirely related to the climate crisis. Nuclear power fanatics wrongly present that nightmare as a solution to climate change.

The US military does protect oil extraction, pipeline and refinery sites, shipping lanes; leaves toxic legacies in their wake, ravages fragile ecosystems, disrupts social and political systems, fuels migration, militarizes state and local conflict and sabotages international agreements. Still, following the money leads to corporate interests rather than the military as prime culprit. Denial of global warming is an act of war principally condoned by business interests. Boycott Amazon.

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I 100% agree!

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Thank you, Shantiananda. She gets so little attention for all she does, let’s be her unofficial fan club, like I was for Annette Funicello! :nerd_face:

Number 7, “US sabotages international agreements addressing climate change and war” may be the most important, but it doesn’t say WHY. It is because (a) modern warfare is utterly dependent on cheap and abundant fossil fuels; (b) therefore stopping climate change necessarily entails unilateral global disarmament, and in particular, an end to US imperialism. See “Oil, Power and War: A Dark History” by Matthieu Auzanneau.


chirchill’s war by david irving a must read for anyone wanting to inform themselves about WW2

Google author David Irving and see how his reputation as a credible historian suffered greatly in a London court.

Me, too!

Medea’s post “10 Ways…” reflects the dogma that infects much of the US peace community. Political blinders limit the discussion of all problems to the faults of the US government and US military. No mention is made of the fact that the greatest carbon dioxide global warming emissions today come from China, which is by far the greatest CO2 emitter. Medea reduces the cause of the hell that has engulfed Syria to drought, with absolutely no mention of the fascist brutal Assad regime and the massive military intervention in Syria by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. She rightful condemns the US and Saudi for their crimes in Yemen and Iraq, but she shamefully ignores the crimes of Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies. In the recent world wide Climate Strike, four million people across the globe demonstrated in most countries. Sadly there were no demonstrations that day in China. In Russia, following the repressive rules limiting public dissent, the demonstrations were one person at a time affairs. Folks had to line up and take turns carrying a placard. An honest appraisal of the efforts to build a global movement addressing the Climate Crisis would not ignore those shameful realities.

Good point; modern warfare and US empire are indeed dependent upon fossil fuels.