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10 Ways the Trump White House Has Waged War On Smart Climate Policy

10 Ways the Trump White House Has Waged War On Smart Climate Policy

Lindsey Allen
"Why would you pick the leader of an oil and gas corporation to spearhead a position tasked with national security and global climate action?”
"Trump appointed avowed EPA nemesis Scott Pruitt — who had sued the EPA 14 times as the Oklahoma attorney general — as the agency’s head with an obvious mission: to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency from within." (Photo: Takver/flickr/cc)

But millions of people in the US are still fighting climate change and so are many states and cities. Climate change has to be fought globally. Trump can only slow down a small part of what needs to be done. Hopefully there will be a backlash against the white supremacists in the US and the US can return to normal in three years and this period will just seem like a brief detour into a nightmare. Whatever Trump is doing to fight good climate policy we need to work locally to promote good climate policy;. The climate change problem cannot be successfully addressed without strong local action. That is where we need to concentrated our efforts at this time when the federal government is no longer headed by Obama but by Trump.

Accelerating the threat of catastrophic climate change is an act of warfare.
Oil industry magnates and fellow racists celebrate when the poor suffer and die.
It’s just one more way they intend to deal with a world of 10 billion people by 2050.
They will profit via disaster capitalism alongside weapons of war and mass destruction.
Connecting the dots to World War III. The ruling elite have a final solution to overpopulation.
The more dependent upon fossil fuels we become, the faster the process of human extermination.

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  1. Slapping a 30% tariff on Chinese solar panels - not only part of a trade war with China but also (and more crucially) a body-blow to efforts to transition the US to renewable energy.