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10 Ways Trump's Actions Against Iran Hurt the US, the Region, and the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/10/10-ways-trumps-actions-against-iran-hurt-us-region-and-world

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Fortunately, the Iranian regime has the sense to know that the Orange Pustule is unstable and does not reflect our nation as a whole. That being said, the same restraint cannot be guaranteed for the various cells that are out there (Kenya may have been one such example). Trump has kicked the hornets’ nest and we have numerous military, governmental, and purely civilian personnel exposed to the sting of blindsided retribution. In essence, Trump has yet again found a way to terrorize his own country. (In addition to the stochastic terrorism he incites through his rhetoric of hatred and division.) I never thought I would see the likes of such incompetence and evil wrapped up in one person who has then been cynically been placed on a pedestal to serve both mammon and the end-time narrative. Looks like I picked a bad century to quit sniffing glue…


“Trump’s blunders” ? This assertion ignores the existence of the military industrial media infotainment complex’s (MIMIC) well honed war machine.

Although his style differs from his predecessors, Trump is simply feeding the eternal war produces eternal revenue machine. As long as taxpayers’ money keeps feeding the machine Trump and the rest of the DC politicians owned by MIMIC don’t give a rip about other outcomes.


If we could cut ties to Israel all would be good with Iran. imo


Hi Gandolf:
And also, there is nor reason to keep funding Israel. America needs that money for medicare for All and for the Climate Crisis.


Medea Benjamin is my hero so I hate to put a different spin on her article but it seems to me all the negative consequences she outlines would give our country a good kick in the pants which we well deserve. If we look around and see that our friends have deserted us and look at ourselves and understand that ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’ and that rather than running the world, everybody else thinks we are ruining the world, we more than have it coming. Though it is hard to envision a contrite USA, it is the one stance which we need to take and do it with humility. And it certainly won’t happen with a President Trump who likes to double down rather than take the high road.


Great breakdown of Trump’s vendetta against Iran. Seen this predictabl coming since the Obama Reverser took office.

What should be recalled is the murdered General was an ally for years (and Iran) as it was needed to fight very real terrorists in the Mid East WOT by our alcoholic Bush 2. Then he (and Iran once more) became the enemy, and of course, the US kills their enemy. This treachery has been played out all over the planet for decades by the US. Call it regime change all you want, it’s always at the whims of the US and the mood our leaders with the MIC, war profiteers, and war mongers, are in at any given moment. Loyalty means almost nothing. That is a currency that is worthless when it comes to alliances with the US.

MSM is all over the downed airliner and how Iran needs to pay dearly. No matter where you turn that is the story: Regime change is in the air, massive protests over the incident, it is the end of Iranian rule and people power is taking over, blah, blah…Blah. BS. More propaganda by the US and Agent Orange is still going to war with Iran with more sanctions, bragging and lying like he always does and his cult is eating it up like the rancid soup all of it is. The real story should be headline everywhere: Trump is now an international war criminal. He is a rogue outlaw President. Oh, and guess what? He’s not done yet, worse is to come. The DP cannot rein him in and the RP doesn’t want to. The UN, the UK, the entire European alliances, all of them need to draw that line in the sand, take a stand against the US: Enough is enough. This whining BS of them needing the US needs to end, and should have decades ago. Get out of bed with the US. Remaining in bed with the US means going down with the ship as a very failed Imperial Empire.

Excellent article.

Best to remember how well false flags work on gullible populations

That was how I read the article too. When/If the American people pull back our rulers from the situation, why [says the writer and this forum] should it be done to avoid 10 bad consequences? Instead, shouldn’t we [believes this forum] embrace those consequences as what the USA so richly deserves, and which would most benefit the rest of the world?

BTW, on way number 10, this correlates strongly with this forum’s climate change agenda. This forum’s members advocate for an end to fracking, deep water drilling and all other new drilling, against building pipelines, refineries and import terminals. ¿Wouldn’t the destruction of oil production and export facilities in the Persian Gulf be a good thing, in the climate’s and these member’s opinions?