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10 Worst-Case Climate Predictions If We Don’t Keep Global Temperatures Under 1.5 Degrees Celsius


10 Worst-Case Climate Predictions If We Don’t Keep Global Temperatures Under 1.5 Degrees Celsius

Lorraine Chow

The summer of 2018 was intense: deadly wildfires, persistent drought, killer floods and record-breaking heat. Although scientists exercise great care before linking individual weather events to climate change, the rise in global temperatures caused by human activities has been found to increase the severity, likelihood and duration of such conditions.


Until the enumerated catastrophes are reported to happen tomorrow, those with the power to do something that will have a significant effect on climate change won’t do anything.

Why do I think that? Warnings like these have been tossed around for a long time. The effectual responses by the powerful have been meager. The benefits we all get from the way we live are not quickly given up.

Everything is a trade-off. Right now, the consequences of not making a trade-off are too distant for the people to force the powerful to take action. It’s a race to the end. Will the man-made incremental adjustments hold-off the predicted natural consequences without extreme consequences for life?

Lorraine Chow and I won’t life long enough to know. I like what I heard one young person say recently, but it’s not likely to happen. His opinion is more young people should be involved in the decisions made about climate change because they are the ones who will experience the consequences of not acting.


Addressing this most significant and challenging of today’s existential threats - global warming and climate change - must be the top priority for the 2020 election cycle. And it MUST not only be for POTUS but for our Senate and House of Reps. Those Republicans and POTUS candidates who even whisper “hoax” or denial of any sort, must be thoroughly crushed in 2020 - and that includes 95% of today’s congressional liars and deniers - the Republican party. They must be crushed, flushed and erased forever. Our first grandchild will be born in early August 2019. It is likely they will be around at 2100 - and if this 3-4 degree C warmer world is what we leave our babies, we deserve to die ourselves. Good night and good luck.


Hi elroy—sadly Nanci Pelosi is ignoring the GRREN issue needs----: ( Maybe instead focusing on her beloved "PAY-GO--------maybe she should just GO drop dead.


Everything on the list is already happening.

And emissions are still going up.

The worst of climate catastrophe is baked in.


Moderatus - Your comment is a prime example of what is wrong with articles like this one. Its all way in the future so no one needs to worry yet. Thats BS!

All of what she talks about in the 10 things are happening right now plus a lot more. Millions die every year because of air pollution and it is increasing by hundreds of thousands. 69% of all vertebrates have died already, 70%+ of insects, Coral reefs, fresh water verts down 80%.

I can go on and on for pages and it is all happening right now!

If you can’t see that it is because you choose not to because you choose not to have to do anything.


The half of a degree battle is probably lost; too much warming already in the pipeline. The second line of defense is limiting the temperature increase to a figure below that which triggers the self-perpetuating feedback loops. The strategy is to focus on limiting temperature increases to 1.5 degrees in the hopes that whatever the lower limit actually turns out to be it is below that which will trigger unstoppable permafrost and methane hydrate methane releases among others.


Not yet…maybe.
The worst will be the triggering of the self-perpetuating feedback loops.


Amid all of the consequences of the failure of Donald Trump’s refusal to accept fossil fuel’s role in the accelerating climate change on Earth, one will give me great joy when viewed from my personal cloud. By the end of the century, Mar a Lago will be at least partially submerged.

I hope Mr. Trump will be able to see it from his space in the pit of Hell.


Correct! Articles like this have all the facts, but no suggestions for how to effectively make the world wake-up to what is happening right now. What is your guess about when that will happen? Shh. Listen. Do you hear what I hear? Another billion plastic objects just slid into the ocean. Of course, I’m kidding. Point is, most people live every day as if nothing they do has the impact that you report. To paraphrase the guy I once believed would fix it all “it’s the lifestyle, stupid”. If humans don’t change how they live on the Earth soon, there won’t be an Earth that will support how they live.

FYI - one of my 3 toilets is low flush, some of my lighting is LED, and my thermostat is set to 62d overnight. If I could only get my young granddaughters to turn off the lights they don’t need, I’d feel better about doing what I can.