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10 Years After Iraq War Logs, It's Impunity for War Criminals, War on Whistleblowers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/10-years-after-iraq-war-logs-its-impunity-war-criminals-war-whistleblowers


Ain’t Fascism Great?


Thank you Americans for collectively being the biggest pieces of sh_t since The NAZI SS.


That’s why there is NO DEFENSE for any American who volunteers for the American military.
They’re all complicit, because the American military is inherently an imperialist war crimes organization.
When you tell the truth about America’s war crimes, you are viewed as just another enemy to eradicate.


Former U.S. presidents and military personnel held criminally liable for war crimes, keep dreaming.


The whole world is a cesspool, since every military works for the crime boss.


imagine standing up at the nuremberg trials and arguing that a person who exposes a war crime should be thrown in jail


Not SINCE the Nazi SS.
Nazis remain with us, they just moved their center of operations, sliding right into GOP ranks.

Two names:
1 - Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi General, head of military intelligence for Hitler’s Eastern Front)
2 - Allen Dulles (OSS to first head of CIA, fired after Bay of Pigs)(actually both Dulles brothers, they were evangelical Christians on a crusade against “Godless Communism”)
Dulles met with Gehlen in Switzerland before the end of the war and arranged to bring Gehlen over, protecting him and thousands of Nazis (Gestapo, Wehrmacht and SS) into US intelligence operations and covert operations around the world, in particular directed at the Soviet Union.

Dulles and his CIA overthrew and undermined one government after another, Iran in 1953 to other middle east to Central and South American countries.

Blowback: ~https://amunaor.com/2012/09/08/blowback-reinhard-gehlen-nazi-father-cia-dont-look-back/
Gehlen Org ~http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/CIA/Gehlen_Org.html


Something like that. Instead of Nuremberg trials thousands of Nazis, including Hitler’s head of military intelligence for the Eastern Front and the Soviet Union, General Reinhard Gehlen, were brought into the US intelligence operations and then CIA by Allen Dulles (OSS to head of the CIA). Dulles met with Gehlen in Switzerland before the end of WWII). That also tells you that the cold war really started before WWII ended, as a creation of Allen Dulles. We owe Dulles a lot, if only we could find in him hell.
Actually Gehlen’s Nazi spies were the core of the new CIA and in essence still are.


we are the world’s greatest terrorists–the promoters of continuous warfare for the profits of our arms makers and dealers–the rogue nation that has degraded the world’s peace for over 2 centuries–the ones who make the crimes of the other terrorists seem like school picnic pranks–the pushers of genocide from the first western invaders through the founding of our nation to today–for 225 of the 243 years we have been a nation we have been warring on any who get in our way-overthrowing elected governments and stealing the resources of their countries for our profits—the US a shinning light on the hill??–yeah the light of missiles and bombs dropping on civilian targets-----and then we get to home where the political parties–that’s right --BOTH political parties have armed the police like soldiers --to occupy our communities and attack the only enemy available to them --US citizens trying to act on their Constitutionally guaranteed rights of assembly and protest --or just trying to live as they are shot down in the streets by our so called peace officers





The American People don’t give a fig about what doesn’t exist on TV. We need more war coverage.


Hung the camp guards for obeying orders of people like Gehlen.
In my US southern city, statues have been erected, civic facilities
and military bases named for Nazi war criminals. Not to mention
Fort Dietrich that was staffed with Japanese to continue their germ
warfare on behalf of US…that continues to this day.

Some good news at least for Mr. Snowden:



Have you forgotten the mysterious figures on the ‘grassy mound’ in Dallas on 11/23/63, and that the Zapruper film shows Kennedy’s head snapping backwards, NOT forwards, when he was shot?

*   *   *   *   *

. . . and the beat goes on . . .

Not only were NONE of those accused of War Crimes in Iraq ever even investigated, much less prosecuted (thanks to O’Bummer and P’Loser), several of them – including Gina Haspel and Eric Prince – are actually serving “our” Emperor Wanna-Be in the present “Administration”.

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Should I be surprised? Where is Congress? Oh, they’re all complicit.