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100 Days of Media Hoping for a New, Improved Trump

100 Days of Media Hoping for a New, Improved Trump

Reed Richardson

Nearly 100 days into the Trump presidency, corporate media are still struggling to reckon with the man that occupies the White House. An administration so proudly reckless in its actions and so brazenly detached from the truth has routinely overwhelmed political reporters whose accountability muscles have atrophied. And from cable news panels to newspaper op-ed pages, Trump’s aberrant behavior has so traumatized the media establishment that it often seems to operate in a state of collective shock.

I see it as him also hoping to be seen as “new and improved” without having to give up the Old Trump who managed to create a “base” of 44 percent but who are fiercely and unshakably infatuatedly loyal and won’t give that up. They can’t; cognitive dissonance won’t let them. They would have to say aloud that they were horribly wrong, and each display of him having no loyalty to anything he promised his fan club that he would try to do, and only believes that he will continue to convince them that he and they will prevail so long as he continues to proclaim his greatness and declares that he is doing so.

The likelihood is that he will authorize “his” military to launch a first strike assault on North Korea to “take out” the “threat” they represent. None of the billionaires and retired generals including his wife, daughter, and son in law have any experience in or interest in actual problem solving. So whatever will be will be and I hope things go better than they look like they’re going to me and that we all somehow survive.

Immigration, Islam, Mexicans, LGBT, abortions are all just a dodge for corporate takeover and power. They care nothing for any of the listed issues but find them useful distractions. However, these social issues are a way to motivate and recruit their base. For many humans the main concern is to accumulate wealth at the fastest rate possible. We are programmed to survive immigrants included. Ask any one out there with a 401k program. Most honestly want the maximum gain possible in the shortest time frame possible. How many of us are ready to liberate ourselves from our nest egg or even our tent? Until there is a critical mass truly ready to sacrifice all nothing can stop this train.

Media gave us Trump, for free.

Now Media wants to sell us a CURE for Trump, also free.



Being “presidential” is a form of theater which everyone who has ever been in the office performs–The separation of the office from the man guarantees this–Recall that we had a president who was vulgar, potty-mouthed and just plain crude–I’m speaking of LBJ of course, Nixon follows him a close second–Will Trump come to be seen as “presidential”? It’s possible, the media continues to follow this line, without indicating awareness of the theatrical nature of the presentation–our rites of monarchy, left over from kingship–The danger is, the media will focus on “presidentiality” while not paying much attention to what this president is actually doing–Already, in 100 days, the media tells us, Trump has accomplished nothing, yet he’s done quite a lot of very destructive things, so please let’s focus on what he has done, whether or not legislative accomplishments, because he’s going to continue to do even more and worse things.

To the MSM, Trump is another propaganda arm of the oligarchy. He’s their man.