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100+ Doctors Urge Australian Govt to Ensure Julian Assange's Safe Passage to Australian Hospital 'Before It Is Too Late'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/16/100-doctors-urge-australian-govt-ensure-julian-assanges-safe-passage-australian


This is encouraging too:


Their plan is to kill him and Ms. Manning . .count on it.


The Corrupt Powers That Be, will do anything to keep Assange from speaking.

Julian Assange is one of the People’s last best hopes for revealing the crimes of the wicked.


The Australian, UK and USA governments all want to kill Julian.
Wikileaks exposed the many crimes of these countries.
The criminals won’t rest until they’ve killed Julian, Chelsea and Edward Snowden.
They even have a phrase for it, “Time to Epstein them.”


Thanks for passion PB


100 + doctors see the abuse, but where’s the Pope and the
Bishop of Canterbury? Both Catholic and Protestant
churches should see the slaughtering of this innocent too.


The “P” in PonyBoy stands for Passion.

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Australia is experiencing record high temperatures 122 degrees f. They have enough medical emergencies of their own to deal with to take time medicine and training give care to Assange. I will never forgive him for his role in the election of trump. He is no champion of free speech. He is a mercenary and a Russian agent.

If this was still the 1960s the US or British Governments would have assassinated Julian Assange outright. What they learned when people assassinated at the height of their powers is that they become martyrs and the message that they tried to convey lives on long after them. In the case of Martin Luther King they had to deal with this legacy by embracing his memory and his message and creating the illusion it was important to them. “Martin Luther King Day” and Politicians wiping a tear from their eye as they evoke his memory is a means by which that mans message diminished. Martin Luther king would never have wanted a day named after him , or statues built in his honor. He wanted an end to poverty and to war and to racism.

With Assange and Chelsea Manning and others , the State has decided they need to diminish the person first and foremost. They have to make those peoples an object of pity. Assange will be remembered as sickly and frail in his last days. The State will claim it had no hand in his death and that he died of natural causes. By diminishing the man first they want to diminish his message and the work he did to reveal the truth to the people.

Not only will this diminish his work and his message but it will act as a warning to others that will follow his path.“No we will not KILL you outright. That will make you seem all the greater. What we will do is keep you locked up and isolated until you diminish into a pathetic figure. Not only will you die but the message you tried to impart on the people will be forgotten”.

This the Evil of that deep state. It how the CIA runs.


“Epstein them.” What, you mean fake their deaths and spirit them off to Israel?


You are another of those that believe the people should not hear the truth. Nothing that Wikileaks divulged was a falsehood. If Hilary Clinton wanted to be elected the DNC should not have perpetuated the fraud they tried to visit on the Public when they actively worked to sabotage the Sanders campaign.

THAT is what lead to the election of Donald trump.

It is the DNC that should not be forgiven and it is the person that insists the people not entitled to the truth that can not be forgiven.


And, you’re a freaking HRC nut job. Wikileaks did nothing but reveal truth.


So, what is the story behind your “PonyBoy” alias? - And, in a show of good faith, I’ll tell you the story behind mine: I was in a hurry and short on imagination. - grin

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Australia is a cowardly human rights criminal whose parliament that just voted to deny medical care to men, women and children that they’ve kept in offshore detention for 6-7 years.

Not that this would matter to a Clintonite.


Hi pravda:

HIs role for the election of Trump? Oh wait, is this you, Hillary?
No, Julian Assange is the real deal and all others like the NYT and NBC, CBS and ABC—are merely “pretenders to the throne.” If Julian is killed -----so is the First Amendment, and any pretenders who say that they could still believe in America. : (


This is sickening. Haven’t Assange and Manning been throttled by the ruling class enough?

Powerful governments do all they can to make examples of the truthtellers. Assange and Manning are paying the price. The public has a right to know what governments do in their names and with their tax dollars. Both Assange, Manning, et al will go down on the right side of history.


Many years ago I was a member of a club called the Knuckleheads. I wore my hair long then and kept in it a ponytail. The nickname stuck.

Nothing flowery.:smiling_imp:

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That’s an interesting concept Suspira. Makes sense.

Journalists expose what they expose, too bad you don’t like the truth.
Assange has spent his lifetime hacking and exposing corruption.
He “helped Trump” by publishing insider documents showing how corrupt and dishonest Hillary and the DNC was. Instead of hating the journalist, hate the corrupt people he exposed.
Assange, Manning, and Snowden exposed American war crimes and other crimes at the highest levels, and have suffered terribly because of it.
You never have and never will do anything even remotely as heroic or useful.