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100 Percent Renewable: Canadian Scholars Champion Low-Carbon Power Potential


100 Percent Renewable: Canadian Scholars Champion Low-Carbon Power Potential

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

By leveraging its vast renewable energy resources, Canada could turn its back on fossil fuels and reach 100 percent reliance on low-carbon electricity by 2035, according to a report released Wednesday by Sustainable Canada Dialogues, a group of researchers representing every province in the country.


It’s becoming increasingly apparent that not only are we going to have to go to sustainable and renewable energy sources ASAP but we are also going to have to figure out as many ways as possible to put the excess carbon we’ve already put up there back in the ground, at the very same time, or else… This is because one of the ironic consequences of a ban on burning coal & oil at this juncture is that besides putting the bulk of the CO2 that’s causing the warming up in the air these substances are also putting up massive amounts of cooling gases in the form of SO2 ( Sulfur Dioxide ) which reflects sunlight ( heat). Remove the SO2 without removing the over 120 ppm of CO2 that were already above the high side of the historic levels of CO2 ( between 190 ppm and 280 ppm) and what happens is you will get a very rapid ramp up in the level of warming anyway. So, the job is actually going to be twice as hard as we first thought. W’e’ll need to accomplish both these extremely daunting tasks simultaneously as a civilization to survive. The problem is the people on the bridge of our Titanic like society are cruising full speed ahead right into the ice ahead and no amount of warning them is going to work, too many of the bridge crew are too deeply invested in the delusion of endless Carbon growth to do anything about changing course. In reality, what they’ve already begun to do is lock as many of us down in steerage as possible. That won’t change what nature is going to do to all of us them included, but they don’t care.