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101 Organizations Call on Congress to Enact $1.5 Trillion Student Debt Jubilee as Part of Covid-19 Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/15/101-organizations-call-congress-enact-15-trillion-student-debt-jubilee-part-covid-19


Will someone please tell me when the last time Congress took seriously–even halfway-seriously–anything that progressives called on them to enact? Anyone?

And then tell me why you think they even bother.

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Hi KayIie:

I have no idea how students wiII ever get out from underneath student Loans when:

  1. jobs are not here,
  2. wages for most jobs don’t cover much.
  3. and yet, the non humans ( BANKS) are aways getting baiIed out!

It’s time to have a new definition for a Bank Holiday and give the holiday to the students.
It’s hard for students to improve their Iives when it appears that their own government is working against them, : (


Don’t need congress. The president can cancel 85% of all student loan debt with the stroke of a pen (executive order).

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I think they ‘bother’ just for the show –

so that we don’t realize that they con’t really care.

Here’s the thing – originally some of the loans were rather minimal –

However, given heavy interest rates which profited our own government –
and compounded interest rates combined with long term unemployment –
a good bit of corruption – and suddenly the lives of young people had little future.

At least STOP adding interest charges –

Walk the loans backwards – keep deducting a certain amount of every loan by
at least 10% each year.

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“makes drastic changes in their lives, increasing borrowers’ incomes, enabling them to pay down other debts, and increasing both geographic mobility and their ability to pursue better jobs.”

We are enabling the Audi car payments which are about $150 more each month than the average
college loan payment of $250.

Are we going to re-imburse those who paid off their student loans?
Are we going to claw back from physicians and lawyers who declared bankruptcy years ago to shed their own student debt?

The extension of moratorium on payments for those unemployed due to business closures for covid19 is OK.
For those working = NO.

Total forgiveness = again NO

The problem to me at this point is that “higher education” ie college is a for profit business that trains people to get on the corporate owned/capitalist treadmill as robots, not humans. The problem is not just the student loans, another profit center for the banks, but the fact that students become indentured for life. The whole educational system is a capitalist scam.

We don’t just need student loan forgiveness. We need to demand free higher education/vocational training for ALL citizens of this country. Same as with Healthcare for All. .

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Vocational used to start in 6th grade with wood shop.
All that is left is in high school, carpentry and auto shop.
Machine shop, welding, and drafting are long gone.

Public Junior colleges can be free.
Union / contractor apprentice programs are scarce.

10 months ago, 80% of entering freshmen at the most beautiful big ten campus needed no loans or grants. Their families in the midwest and china and chicago have the wealth to pay up front.

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