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103 Democrats Join GOP in Voting Down Omar Amendment to Accelerate US Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/21/103-democrats-join-gop-voting-down-omar-amendment-accelerate-us-withdrawal


The “Warmonger” parties collude and strike again.


Does anyone here really believe Joe Biden will fix this?


Inauthentic Opposition at it’s finest. Trump tries to pull 4K troops out & house Dems collude with Liz Cheney to thwart any withdrawal, now this. It’s time to clean House completely. #JoeMentia is to the right of Trump on foreign policy.


There is Nothing in Afghanistan for the American people except death, destruction, testing our modern war machine, contractor continued profits.
I want to pull out a few hairs when I see the billions being spent in Afghanistan for their infrastructure, and we at home get to go funerals instead.


And this is why I refuse to vote in the corrupt system that passes for electoral politics in the USA. Both parties will kill us all in the end. In the spirit of full disclosure I did caucus for Bernie here in Nevada, which he won overwhelmingly. It was right after that when the DNC circled their wagons against him and all things progressive in this election cycle. And believe me, I knew that Bernie is far from what we really need, but I did choose to give him some support while I could. And the true face of the Democrats are shown in this vote over and over again. They are the worst. I am now done voting. Let the damn system destroy itself and if there is anything left afterwards perhaps something better can be built. But given the insanity and selfishness of so many in the USA it would probably be even worse.


So how are those people who insist they are progressives and suggest that the only way forward is to Vote Democrat going to spin this?

In order to get rid of Trump the anti-war progressives have to vote for more war?

Lying duplicitous hypocrites, the lot of them.

I wait on the “You must vote Democrat” crowd (Including Noam Chomsky) to rationalize how killing more Afghans is just a price one must be so as to protect Civil Liberties in the USA (and no this does not suggest one should vote for trump.)


Speaking of twenty years: The accused mastermind of the WTC attacks, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, is scheduled to go on trial in 2021.

Mysteries abound.


Looking for the roll call. Should be here ~https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6395/all-actions?overview=closed&q=%7B%22roll-call-vote%22%3A%22all%22%7D

Maybe waiting to update. She also has a couple (sponsored or co-sponsored) related to Trump’s war against disloyal states, against funds being used to create a civilian (read “KKK”) army. Wonder how many Dems will vote against that?

Wow. What a shcicker. Dems in bed with the GOP We need to be there another 20 so we won;t be called “hasty cowards” ending a war.

In D.C., the most plush, tony buildings there are occupied/owned by defense contractors. In other words, paid for by all us taxpayers. Over the years, and decades now their budget always seems to grow. No one really steps up in congress, or the president, to turn things around. Bernie has tried but we need a whole lot of Bernies to change this trend.

The defense contractors are so out of control that now it would take an army, large army! of congressman and women to stand up AGAINST them. Since these contractors buy politicians on both sides and Citizens United (brought to us by conservatives on our Supreme Court) pollutes our politicians, this is the result.

I am most pissed at any Democrat who votes for Blue Dogs, aka: Conservadems as they eagerly lean to taking money from these aholes in the 1st place. America is full of stupid/ignorant voters that believe America can’t be progressive and vote for these warmongers. I’m most mad at these idiot voters. So here we have 103 warmongering Democrats in congress. Thanks to ignorant voters.


Some of the trillions into Afghan for nation building actually end up in Dubai accounts.

Our U.S. army is in garrison there. A few soldiers are out looking around, for sure.

Afghan police and army had over 16,000 dead in 2018. Pakistan led Taliban to keep China and India out.

Sorry, but if you vote Democrat or Republican, you are Pro-War. Simple as that.


The financial system is a ‘dead parrot’. No one wants to acknowledge this despite the the light at the end of the tunnel bearing down on us. All conflicts are needed because the system is kaput. Understand WHY the FED needs DEBT.

One of the BEST efforts yet on teasing apart the propaganda is today’s Keiser Report.

Buckle up …

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Right. There are a few posters on here who consistently maintain that we should all see that the dems are so much better than the GOP. What say you about this vote by the warmonger dems who agreed with Liz fucking Cheney and the GOP, eh, 1EdBenti and Larry Duncan? How ya gonna spin this?


Is it just me, or would it be too much to ask articles to provide the link to the names of these representatives who voted as such?

I’d expect as much from corporate media, but CDs too?

Believe it or not, it’s not that easy to search up, let alone when you’re on a rinky dink cheap device.

Thanks if anyone out there is listening…


Yes, I feel sorry for Omar, she does not seem TO KNOW that Amerika is and has been for a long,long time a Congressional, military dictatorship with only one Party…THE WAR PARTY!

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Very well stated. Rep. Omar’s efforts, like those of Bernie Sanders, while well intentioned, would have been much better off if she had formed a genuine leftist third party which could have challenged both the corporate and militant Democrats and the corporate and militant Republicans instead of remaining in the Democratic Party. As the late writer Gore Vidal correctly noted, there is little substantial difference when it comes to the major political parties and especially when it comes to foreign policy. Dennis Perrin brings this out quite clearly in his well written book called The Savage Mules as he writes that the Democrats may be even more militant than the Republicans. This is yet another example of how the United States is unique since practically every other advanced country in the world allows its people to study and choose among more than two political parties. But not here as the last thing which the GOP and the Savage Mules want is for any third parties candidates to challenge the stranglehold which the Republicans and the Democrats have on the body politic in this country.

Another example how this country is unique is the fact that America is the only industrialized country on the planet which, astonishingly, still does not have a universal health care system in place for its citizens. This bizarre fact has certainly made itself felt during the current pandemic as we have millions of people unemployed which results in the fact that many of them continue to work in order to keep their health insurance and as a result there will be more hospital beds filled with patients who have come down with COVID-19.

Perhaps the one good thing to come out of all this is that people may finally realize that the idea of American Exceptionalism is, as the British would say, a charade. They may understand that the United States is quite unique in bombing and killing people overseas for the most specious of reasons while also being unique in caring very little about the health and welfare of its own citizens. And one should always remember how it was Barack Obama who boasted during a speech he gave when he was president of how much he believed in the idea of American Exceptionalism. And to think that we now have Obama’s loyal and geriatric vice president who is running for president and savior of the country. And yet so many people are simply shocked, shocked! when Americans have the audacity to vote for a candidate who is neither a Democrat nor a Republican.


The Wall Street UniParty strikes again. JFC, whats the point?
Wall Street Red or Wall Street Blue - your choice


Just did a quick tour around the web on this.
No one else is reporting this - so far. DU, DK, RS, AN, HP, CNN


I agree. Include the roll call on the vote. I, too, find it hard to find.

Thanks for bringing that up.