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11 Mayors Applauded for Refusing to Do Business With Companies That Don't Support Net Neutrality

11 Mayors Applauded for Refusing to Do Business With Companies That Don't Support Net Neutrality

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As advocacy groups and open internet defenders in Congress continue their efforts to repeal the Republican-controlled FCC's attack on net neutrality, the mayors of 11 cities have signed a new pledge vowing to refuse to do business with internet service providers that don't support net neutrality.

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Unsurprisingly, my city’s mayor, Eric Garcetti, is nowhere to be found. Considering the vast array of Silicon Beach start ups that do better in an internet where Net Neutrality is the rule, this is a definite misstep by him.


Every millennium provides a turning point for humanity. This millennium it is openness thanks to technology. To interfere with the flow of information traveling the internet, the highway, is as ass backward as the Red Flag Act when the locomotive was introduced. Will we permit this or Has Mr. Ajit Pai perhaps earned a pie in the face.


Oh, a ‘right to connect’. Dandy. Does this include the ‘right’ to have someone else pay for you to connect, or just the ‘right’ to act as if service vs speed vs cost isn’t the value judgement it is, and within full control of the customers to choose or not choose?

What a moronic question. You know full well this about the choice between the fair access to and flow of information versus the ability of corporations who can obstruct that fair access and flow for profit. Perhaps you don’t subscribe to the underlying notion of democracy and freedom that the rest of us do. We, however, know that knowledge is power and Pai’s efforts to undermine net neutrality are a direct threat to our collective knowledge and therefore to society’s powers, writ large.

Like electric, gas and telephone utilities, the internet service providers are affected with the public interest, whether they like or not, and society is well within its rights to regulate them accordingly. This is not about controlling what kind of pizzas can be sold, its about making a critical infrastructure work for the benefit of those it affects.

Your comment is really irrelevant to the issue at hand.


Why is it “strange?”

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation is working for Net Neutrality:

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The mayor of Seattle is not on the list to the shagrin and embarrassment of the entire Puget Sound area. I suppose that Tacoma will have to take up her slack.

Did the state of WA. not pass a net neutrality law?

You are joking right ?

I thought there was a vote coming up on net neutrality or did I miss it? The final yes or no? If indications of current censorship prevail it makes sense that the piecemeal rollout will build up to block more content. Too many people noting inconvenient truths requires a hard crackdown. Next there will be points to gain by ratting people out.

Many US mayors support TPP and other regulatory capture disguised as “trade deals”, all of which include eliminating net neutrality, so don’t expect those mayors to have a sudden change of heart irresepctive of their gender.

Someone involved with getting mayors to sign on to this fine plan needs to contact our mayor here in PITTSBURGH, PA, Mr. BILL PEDEUTO!! Pedeuto is very progressive and by far the best mayor we have had here in many decades. He is also not afraid to take a courageous stand on issues he believes in. In fact, he received international attention a while back when Trump was claiming that he was so concerned about helping Pittsburgh, which of course he wasn’t in the least. Pedeuto chewed Trump up and spat him out before the international press. I find it hard to believe he wojuldn’t sign on here as well, unless of course he isn’t authorized to do so if there are objections from the city council, which also seems very unlikely.

No, I believe that the Governor signed it into law yesterday,

Maybe preserving a fair and open internet can help to address this imbalance.

Support net neutrality.

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I agree, however, the ratio is within the average. Nationally, about one out of every five mayors is female.

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To stop this madness, it requires each of us to ask, “What can I do?” For too long too many of us have assumed someone else would watch out for our best interests; someone else would fill the gaps; someone else would do democracy for everybody else’s benefit. It doesn’t work that way, and times require each of us do our part to the best of our ability. In this instance, you can go to their site, and contact your mayor directly. They will likely put you in touch with others in your community or provide you with tools and resources to find them, if you really want to apply pressure on your mayor.


Nationally, about one out of every five mayors is female.

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This is heartening news. Shame it is only 11 cities, but I’m hoping that number grows. Of course Chicago isn’t on the list, in my own state. :slight_smile: Rahm Emanuel is about as establishment, pro-corporate, pro-Wall Street, pro-neoliberalism as one can get. Still not sure why he doesn’t just put a “R” behind his name, but oh well.

Good news.

why is there not a petition to sign to get our mayors on board?