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115+ Groups Urge Biden (and Trump) to Support 'Fair and Just Foreign Policy Regarding Israel and Palestinian Rights'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/22/115-groups-urge-biden-and-trump-support-fair-and-just-foreign-policy-regarding

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Had to go wash up after reading this piece of trash.
How would it go here if the government were stealing Indian lands for white expansion.
I’m guessing it would not go well, why should Palestine accept such invasions?


Endless war
Big military spending
Serving the wealthy
Corporate for-profit healthcare
Getting tough on crime
Fealty to The Apartheid State of Israel

Those are six areas where Trump and Biden are in lockstep.


Neither of these two will support Palestinian rights.

With the World Focused on the Pandemic, Israel Prepares to Annex Large Swaths of the West Bank



Gee, if Bernie were the nominee we would have to do so much prodding.

Gary–all their lands have already been stolen and only small Bantustans (“Reservations”, a.k.a. concentration camps) have been left in which they have been corralled.

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WHY does America give any any money to Israel? They have received Tax payer money for years! Israel , however, makes drones that spy on Americans! It appears that we are buying products from them that our tax doors paid for We still need money for COVID 19–and Puerto Rico has still not recovered!
It seems that we are a!! Pa!estinians now. : (


On May 22, I sent the following letter to the Biden campaign in response to a new Biden position paper that attacked BDS with several falsehoods. When I received no response, I followed up with two requests for a response over the next 10 days, also with no response. On June 5, I wrote a detailed letter to the Biden campaign asking for a reply and attaching a copy of the original letter. I still have not received a reply. My letter follows:

First, I am a supporter of the Biden campaign. I write, however, to express strong disagreement with a position stated in the campaign’s new release directed to the Jewish community. In it, the campaign stated that it is the position of Mr. Biden that support for BDS is equal to delegitimization of Israel. That is NOT true. BDS is directed at the ongoing criminal (under established international law) occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands taken by force in 1967, and at the sale of products of those colonies in international commerce. The Biden position on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people is totally one-sided and unjust.
FYI, I held a position on Israel similar to the one stated in the campaign’s release to the Jewish community until I began to work on a regular basis in Jerusalem and the West Bank in late 2004, continuing through 2018. . . . After witnessing first-hand the ongoing theft of land, destruction of Palestinian property and racist abuse of Palestinians by the Israeli security forces, I came to realize that the victim is the Palestinian people, and the perpetrator is the rabidly Zionist Israeli government.
I have some very relevant background as the basis for my position in addition to my direct personal knowledge of the situation, in that I am a lawyer with a pretty strong expertise in international law and the law of armed conflict. I ask you, please, Mr. Biden, look at both sides and consider the rights of the Palestinian people.

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