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12 People Who Made a Difference (and You Can Too!)


12 People Who Made a Difference (and You Can Too!)

Ralph Nader

Can one person truly make a difference in the world?

Far too many people think not, and thus they sell themselves far too short. A wave of pessimism leads capable people to underestimate the power of their voice and the strength of their ideals. The truth is this: it is the initiatives of deeply caring people that provide the firmament for our democracy.


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Thanks Ralph. Thanks for reminding us of this dozen people making a difference; full well knowing that there are hundreds more around the world and that every movement for a better world starts with that first step. Who better than you, Ralph, could understand what that 1st step means. Thanks.


Yes Ralph. Become the peace and change you want to see in the world and change your self and you will automatically change others.

" Don't allow cynicism to silence your voice." Excellent point!


Good List! Yes indeed How about Bernie?
And why keep so quiet, Ralph? Why not endorse now when it might do some good.
He was not malicious when he explained why he was going to go for it on the Dem ticket.
_/ | _ Naderites for Bernie!


On days when an overdose of current reality gives me a substantial case of "the blues," I think of Nader... fighting the Good Fight, always the White Knight working for The Greater Good... and I think, "heck, if Mr. Nader can continue to fight the same battles he's fought all his years and not lose hope or give up, how can I?"

Nonetheless, an honest examination of an assertion of this nature necessitates a critical review:

"Take a sweeping look at history and you will discover that almost all movements that mattered started with just one or two people—from the fight to abolish slavery, to the creations of the environmental, trade union, consumer protection and civil rights movements. One voice becomes two, and then ten, and then thousands."

What did all of those movements amount to if:

  1. More wealth is NOW at the top of the fiduciary food chain than has been the case since the robber baron era
  2. Less Black citizens are holding the right to vote due to Draconian drug and prison laws (added to incarceration rates apparently designed to shanghai Blacks, in particular)
  3. Smaller percentage of home ownership within the Black community
  4. Frozen minimum wage in too many places while many cost of living necessities escalate in price
  5. Women fighting the same battles they fought decades ago for control (as in reproductive sovereignty) over their own bodies
  6. The Military Industrial Complex positioning itself to take a bigger piece of the financial pie than ever
  7. A litany of False Flags that have resulted in wilted civil liberties, anything but a free press, and State Narratives no different from those of the worst of old Soviet days
  8. Key trade decisions made behind closed doors that negate the rules that protect citizens, wildlife, and habitat

What do we fight for... if fighting, itself, reinforces a hierarchy based on might... and might making right?

Collapse is largely inevitable at this point... on bankrupt moral grounds alone. But one can easily see where the massive liabilities generated from a reprehensively deregulated global economy (led by Wall St.) are pointing to an inevitable FISCAL COLLAPSE.

And above all else, there IS... in growingly apparent stages... the collapse of Mother Nature (and her myriad ecosystems).

Out of the ashes, the Phoenix of a different WAY of living will emerge.

I marched against Vietnam... only to see the make-war state gain hegemonic control.
I marched for women's rights only to see them fade away.
I supported Civil Rights only to see the Police State show its muscle by "first coming for Black citizens."
I belong to and have donated to all sorts of environmental groups... only to see this beloved planet, the Great Mother/Gaia being poisoned, plundered, punctured, raped, pillaged, and treated like DIRT.

I retain my voice... and continue to Speak Truth and try to act in an exemplary fashion; but the momentum of violent behaviors borne from a state that has made war/violence its main staple won't be stopped until it meets an equal, opposite resistance.

And that resistance cannot be of the same quality, caliber, and character as that signified through fighting, aggression, or violence.

That argues FOR the same paradigm... with its recipe amounting to nothing more than a changing of the guard.

This is a point of Transition. And what our planet--and society--are transitioning into will NOT fit the old norms and it will challenge the imagination of most...

May all good, inspired, imaginative, caring, kind, compassionate persons survive to be part of this New Genesis.


Can't agree more and beautifully said and very sad that all the hard work of many including Ralph has diminished in this winner (wall street/oligarchs) take all global world.




"Our country has more problems than it should tolerate and more solutions than it uses. "

Capitalism loves the creation of problems as the competition for solutions drives more "economic" activity. When problems are foreseen they are often allowed to flourish just to maximize profits. The rich don't do the dirty work. Why would they care? They don't.


Thank you. Some people will interpret my comment (as they always do) to suggest that I advocate for doing nothing. That is not the truth. I am merely pointing out that all of the battles fought are being UNFAIRLY undermined.

How fair are binding trade agreements like the TIPP and TPP... yet their passage will effectively anesthetize all prior labor and environmental laws. And all of them were fought for by brave, committed citizens... just like the ones Mr. Nader celebrates.

The problem of disproportionate power--most ostensibly seen through the gargantuan sums claimed (arguably owned) by a very small sect of persons--along with disproportionate media power (and its capacity to set narrative and influence a majority of minds), added to that of pure martial power (the threat of the weapon or angry fist) all undermine Democracy. In fact, they make a mockery of it.

The individuals who use up all their lifeblood and oxygen fighting causes, one by one, are no match for what Big Money has created in the way of its own courts, its own press, its own banks, and its own CONTROL SYSTEM.

I don't believe this system will hold because I do believe that:

  1. Creator gave all persons the right to the pursuit of happiness
  2. There is karma
  3. The universe arcs towards justice
  4. As Yogananda pointed out, organized forms of human violence disrupt the ethers and it's there that the invisible template that holds weather and climate systems together can be (and is now being) violently disrupted... leading to earth changes beyond what human beings imagine.

These disruptions have happened before. The Hopis speak of them, as did Plato in his writings about Atlantis. The Bible's own story of the great Flood is another indicator.

Love is what holds together. Hatred is what tears apart.

I believe that the splitting of the atom bomb unleashed the spirit of dissolution in a way that's never been remedied.

I am writing about this in a book based on Consciousness. No one speaks about the phenomena in our world by linking them to esoteric laws. I do. And I think this discussion is considered so anathema that the premise is almost never seen in print.

It's an uphill battle to raise consciousness... to expand arguments outside of their comfort zones... which is represented by what's considered viable. And those who set the parameters ensure that discussions never challenge the boundaries.

These boundaries recapitulate the same conditions.

As Einstein brilliantly explained: No problem CAN be solved from the thinking that created it.

But it's typically rehashing of that same old thinking that passes for intelligent conjecture. And anyone who dares to speak outside of "allowable frames" is cast as a heretic, "conspiracy theorist," or worse.

Until they start burning witches again, or carting people off into "re-education camps," I will continue to speak these wider truths.