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12 Ways the US Invasion of Iraq Lives On in Infamy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/17/12-ways-us-invasion-iraq-lives-infamy

Let’s also not forget the war before the war in the form of sanctions, which took, I believe the lives of one-half-of-a-million Iraqi children’s lives, the price of which former Secretary of State Madeline Albright said was worth the price. Of course there was the war before that in 1991, where we watched Wolf Blitzer, somehow safe in a nearby hotel, narrate incoming “smart” bombs as they pounded Bagdad. Then there was the war between Iraq and Iran in which we meddled. Of course, going into the latter there was that Shah vs. Mossadegh thing in 1953. Before that…

The Anglo-American incursion into the Middle East rivals that of the Crusades. End the madness–invest in renewables, People, and the Planet and all of her inhabitants. Peace.


Dick Cheney and W did not waltz into Iraq. There was opposition, truth. The truth was repeatedly told and censored. An American weapons inspector expert testified on talk shows it was all lies and alibis. Oil men stole the second largest oil reserve on the planet and it was, is and always will be a criminal, oil heist. It is censored by corporate mass media from Disney and they take orders I think from the World Bank of International Settlements. I tell you things you know. I may be wrong but the world’s most lethal corporate war machine killed Kennedy for one reason to not stop the Vietnam War and his brother and MLK also promised to stop the war if president. Both assassinated. So, Lindsey Graham and the late John McCain took us to Syria to steal their oil which the Turks are dying to protect. It is all murder. It is stealing oil. It is institutionalized torture, mass murder and psychopathic, unbridled greed. A plague has been sent to gum our big B-3 invisible, bomber wheels.
Iraq is a chapter in our bloody march to hell. We can change but we’re not necessarily adept at adapting obvious societal improvements if considered derogatory to the heritage of the intellectually diminished. So Mossadegh of Iran told Britain to get out after World War II because British Anglo-Iranian Oil was owned by the Brits who took the profits from the Iranians and treated them with racist contempt. Mossadegh threw them out. The British went to Truman and said go overthrow Iran with your new CIA but Truman was a real Republican and raised on a Kansas farm. Truman told the British to go save their own oil but Eisenhower agreed and in 1953 our CIA overthrew Iran and placed Mossadegh on house arrest where he died at 85 never seeing his family again. Ike later realized how he had been manipulated and it pissed him off into leaving one of he most critical rants of the American military-industrial complex ever written. They play us like an ole piano, same song of betrayal. We’re presently on recess. What we do when the bell rings and life resumes is paramount! Elect whomever is NOT Donald Trump please!!! Thank you. peace.

It’s been stated many times “If the main product of Iraq was broccoli, we wouldn’t have gone to war to get it.” Beneath the murderous invasions is our perceived need to drive cars, truck and ship goods long distances and take sumptuous air travel vacations to get away from the nauseating dreck USA shithole cities have become clogged with traffic and lined with drive-thru junk food dives. We are slaves to a corporate transportation monopoly that leaves us no choice but to poison the planet and murder those whose oil we must acquire to serve our masters who consider the rest of us as no more than consumers, wage-slaves and canon fodder.

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Some of the same forces that pushed for the war against Iraq, like Netanyahu and his neocons, are pushing for us to fracture Iran.


Fine essay, and oh so sad, by Medea and Nico

But they could have mentioned the US torture machine in Iraq following the invasion.

It has had horrific consequences.


The only question not asked about our endless wars:

“How are you going to pay for it?”


That is the definition of a global, terrorist, Empire that is an Amerikan military Dictatorship.

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Excellent article by Medea and Nicolas

Joe Biden claims the only reason he voted for the Iraq war is: " that he was lied to by Bush".
Just asking: Joe millions of us protested and knew Bush was lying about WMD’s as an excuse to initiate the shocking, illegal, and awful attack of Iraq. Joe, if you were really that stupid! How in the hell do you think you are qualified to be POTUS?

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One essential element in the cause of the Iraq War, and the impending Iran War, is religion. The Iraq War was primarily a religious war fought for the benefit of the Jewish state of Israel. When we realize the warmongering neoconservative movement is grounded on the genocidal Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, it should not be a surprise that we are suffering from endless wars.

Progress! Bob Johnson
World Union of Deists

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Interesting… I hadn’t heard of your group before. But reading through this page:


I plan to read a bit more. Thanks.