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120 Rights Groups Demand ICE Immediately 'Release All Detained Families Together'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/17/120-rights-groups-demand-ice-immediately-release-all-detained-families-together


This demand is a just one. The trump/RepubliCon regime and its ICE goons and for-profit detention centers/camps are an abomination and affront to everything that decency also demands. The victims people with little or no power who seek justice and protections always accorded refugees and people fleeing catastrophes, and migrant workers from our neighbor to the south.

The trump mantra of “America first” is a despicable fraud, a shallow dog-whistle for the lowest supremacist racist and fear-driven uneducated - a lie of terrible consequences for the victims that do not take America first, it makes America last, lost, and bereft of moral compass! The deceit a treason and betrayal of America and all we claim to be - but usually never have been.

Those demands for this issue and numerous others must soon turn to more than demands to actions that cannot be ignored by the regime in power or the corrupt media - our entirely failed and co opted Fourth Estate that is essential to our republic and representative government, now unrecognizable as the so-called “democracy” as touted.
The only things corrupt politicians and government respond to are millions in the streets, boycotts, and exposure as the rotten scum they are or have become - “demands” just don’t cut it today with such a reprehensible political subversion and corruption!

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Evidently ICE appealed and got a 10 day extension – when, quite frankly the detentions should have been nixed from day 1. Time to work to defund ICE permanently.

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