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13 Million More Girls Expected to Be Forced Into Marriage Due to Covid-19 Lockdowns and Economic Hardship

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/13-million-more-girls-expected-be-forced-marriage-due-covid-19-lockdowns-and

Organised Religion has no right being in education.

Its negative teachings and indoctrination shape cultural narratives with fake morality. It seeks only power over others not power with others.

Freedom and Love are the essence of the divine.Education free for all ,so girls and women can self determine their own future’s.

Free from the shackles of beliefs that have not changed for thousands of years making evolution so dam slow on this planet.

Awaken The Species


“UNICEF noted that child marriages in refugee camps are on the rise this year, including in Jordan, where only about 10% of girls under 18 were married before the pandemic. The number is growing due to the desperation of families in Palestinian and Syrian refugee camps.”

And really, who can appoint blame.

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Organized religion–predominantly the Catholic Church–which opposes birth control and abortion, and pushes girls and young women to marry and get pregnant and start raising families, followed by Catholic charities and conversions and/or promising to raise the kids as Catholics! It’s a “family business”!


ultimately its up to the girl to decide what she wants and what she doesn’t want. even in times like these If a girl has a skill or some other marketable attribute there is no reason at all for her to feel obliged to marry.

They are primitive in their understandings .