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13 More Days Is 13 Too Many. Invoke The 25th Amendment Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/07/13-more-days-13-too-many-invoke-25th-amendment-now


Invoking the 25th amendment would most likely fail .
Pence would have to agree and a majority of the cabinet , all highly
unlikely to get the numbers needed for this .

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Obviously in American interest to remove this malignancy before it does much greater harm: we will see by their acts the true priorities of Trumps corporate cabinet…similar to those of incoming Joe’s…

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Let’s remember that the Gadsden Flag we see was resurrected with the Tea Party circa 2010 and there is a lot more to the movement than just Trump–he is somewhat of a Johnny-come-lately act. A lot of what we may assume to be loyalty to Trump is loyalty to the Tea-Party concept and perhaps even the Federalist Society. It is a lot like a Chinese finger puzzle to figure out just how to extract ourselves from the delusions of the deluded. Good luck to us all.

I’ll second that.

The problem is larger than Trump or his malignant ego.

Civilization is a thin veneer - rather easily punctured - as we saw yesterday when the mob of rioters breached a conspicuously complicit police force on the border between North and South.

We are wild animals, all of us, restrained only just - by the cloak of civilization.

The press bears much of the blame for the sorry state we are in.

The wealthy’s’ advocate Ronal Reagan paved the way for this bifurcated mess with his abolition of the Fairness Doctrine.


The Republicans know the value of forcing your opponents to go on the record on a vote. They then use this in the next campaigns, which in modern politics have already begun.

Nancy Pelosi should be running to the floor of the House to force Republicans to cast a recorded roll-call vote on yesterday’s mob-attack on the Capitol and the President’s role in gathering and inciting that crowd. That’s basic politics. Get every Republican on the record today as to whether or not they approve of a mob attack on the government Yea or Nay? And yes, your vote will be recorded and used against you in this next campaign. Then sent it to the Senate, and put them on record to as to whether the support or oppose the Constitution.

Begging Trump’s henchmen to do the dirty deed for you is weak, embarrassing and simply bad politics. To paraphrase Al Capone, you are more likely to get what you ask for when holding a loaded impeachment resolution.


I remember when people had to be given Equal Time to reply to a station’s editorial comments. And the stations had to clearly label Editorials as separate from News. Can you imagine Fox News having to give Equal Time to everyone they attack and smear?

The other thing Reagan did, was eliminate the rules that used to protect democracy by limited concentrated ownership of media. There used to be a low limit on how many stations a person or corporation could own.


And behind that, you find a lot of right-wing oligarch money that’s been fueling this whole tea-party movement. The Federalist Society is another big pile of right-wing oligarch money. The Chinese finger puzzle eventually resolves into puppets controlled by right-wing, anti-democracy, anti-government oligarchs.

How does that work? Don’t cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the president?

This article is an example of the same politics of weakness that Pelosi and Schumer embrace.

Why should we beg a right-wing fundamentalist and a handful of cowards and grifters in Trump’s cabinet to be the voice of reason?

Beginning a very public impeachment process would at least put political pressure on these people to neuter and/or remove Trump. Instead, Pelosi sent the House home, leaving Trump to continue his rage-induced tantrum. Like we can’t imagine what more damage can be done in two weeks.

Given the choice between right-wing authoritarianism and left-wing populism, the Democratic leadership will choose the former. Every single time.


So, WHO are you talking to??
When you say. “Invoke The 25th Amendment Now” are you not asking all of Trump’s colleagues to act together ??

Why not just stay home and stand in front of the mirror?