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13-Year-Old Boy Who Lived In Fear of US Drones, Killed by CIA Strike in Yemen


13-Year-Old Boy Who Lived In Fear of US Drones, Killed by CIA Strike in Yemen

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just weeks after speaking with western journalists about his pervasive fear of the U.S. drones flying overhead in his home country of Yemen, 13-year-old Mohammed Tuaiman was reportedly killed in a CIA-directed bombing on January 26.

His family vows that it will demand justice for Mohammed and insists, "He wasn’t a member of al-Qaida. He was a kid."


This is an important article to circulate widely. I’ve already posted a link on the online version of my local paper. It is important that people see the human reality so they can see through the lies they are fed by the CIA embedded corporate media.


Sadly, the boy is right: in the eyes of many, if not most westerners, he is a “raghead” and therefore expendable. The anti-Muslim propaganda that is spewed every day ensures that his humanity is not recognized. Meanwhile, the westerners who are killed are almost canonized as saints.


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Another so called collateral murder? One has to wonder how many other innocent children live in the same fear, in Yemen, and elsewhere of being murdered by another CIA drone. Maybe we need a new patriot song called: AMERICA THE UGLY.


“America, America, God shed his shame on thee…”


“America, America, God shed his shame on thee…”

Afraid not…apparently God suffers from American exceptionalism as well according to the mindless uttering of the many.


And the citizens of this nation wonder why we are hated in the rest of
the world.
The so called friends of the U.S. are the same type of corrupted nations or
nations which we PAY in some form or fashion.
This government has had a coup and corporations and the elite now
control and run our every policy.
We just think we elected these people and they are concerned about
our welfare.


Because the United States of America I grew up in no longer exists I wish all those who support the despicable incarnation of what now passes as government suffer as grievously and more than the evil which they have so wantonly inflicted upon others. May your dreams haunt you in a long, slow, painful death.


When can we start campaigning under the banner “All Lives Matter”?