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131 House Dems Help GOP Pass Massive Pentagon Budget That Includes Billions for Expanded Nuclear Arsenal

It’s amazing that in 2018 we are still allowing the military industrial complex to build bombs and bring us into wars for profit. Millions of lives have been lost to those who profit from unjust wars and we still sit back and let it happen. Will Americans ever wake up?


131 this time KC.

See a pattern yet?

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Your arithmetic is off. 58 other Dems and 3 from Oregon voted against this boondoggle. FYI- Van Gogh never used a 4" barn painters’ brush to create his artworks. So, give it a rest, will ya’.
Is your name Bill Blazajowski by any chance? You know, " the big idea " guy from Night Shift.
Just wonderin’.
How many Congress Critters from the Green Party or the DSA voted against this behemoth? Please list their names and the states they come from. Take your time and list them all.

Poor sycophant Dems. who go along on the promise of sharing a Nobel Peace Prize, with Trump. Sad group of idiots that voted for Gina Haspel. Trump drained a freshwater lake to fill a swamp, now we have two swamps. Give them all a TIKI torch and send them home. Fascism knows no allegiance to party or group, and once it metastasizes it infects everyone within its range. It is a powerful mental narcotic, as the thirties and forties proved, and does not respond well to logic or reason, as a matter of fact, it becomes violent when confronted with counter-arguments. Check out Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingraham, or Sean Hannity as mouthpieces for the fascist propaganda. Unrelenting and loud.

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And, you make coalitions ( Greens/DSA ) by dishing on people who’s support you need? Got it. Great plan, btw.
The first Green/DSA elected to Congress will caucus with Republicans, then? Since they call out progressive-minded Democratic Congress Critters as intellectualy and morally vacuous. Real nice. Good luck with The Freedom Caucus.
Too much Counterpunch, perhaps? I voted for The Other Woman, as well… Oh, well. So it goes.

And what’s in this bill that Americans like? Security theatre.

And what happened when Obama capped military spending via sequestration? He got raked over the coals for screwing up military theatre.

This is a problem well beyond 131 members of congress.

This is why the DNC favors right wing neoliberal Democratic Candidates, so they will vote in accordance with the corporate overlords. This is the reason they cheat in the primaries. This is the reason they do not deserve your support.


Your beloved Brand D conspires with the other brand to prevent third parties and independents from getting any traction—“bipartisanship” at its most rancid—and you have the colossal gall to snark about it? Give it a rest yourself, sweetie.

You don’t have to love a member of a coalition, to work together in the world of legislative politics, for better outcomes for all of the stakeholders involved. Or, even better outcomes for your adversaries. Brand D is already a coalition, so your pie-in-the sky high moral ground argument, rings a little hollow. Especially so, when talking about preparing for a fundamental common good like the DoD budgets, national healthcare, education, transportation, etc.
There shouldn’t be purity tests for everyone waiting for a ride, on the same train we all have to ride in this world, to better places.

Are you seriously suggesting that the US military machine is for the benefit of all?

Mein Gott im Himmel…

R U seriously saying there’s no need for any DoD budgets? The German language remark makes the point. Is everyone a Nazi who doesn’t completely buy into the Greens’ entire program?
Sounds very Trumpian.

I agree. The dems had a winner in Bernie but because of their corruption they chose Trump.

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I’ll tell you what sounds very Trumpian: your justifying a military budget that consumes 60 cents of every tax dollar for past, present and future wars.

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Well I guess that leaves good Republican’ts to choose from but what can a dead politician accomplish? True, it would be better than what is going on at present.

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OK MCH, please tell me then which party will you vote for and then tell me if you think they can win. To change the two party system, you either have a revolution or you vote in enough progressive dems to change the balance. Don’t tell me to vote third party because they can’t win yet. There will NEVER be enough advertising on MSM to sway the vote to a third party and it’s the media that changes the balance, every time. MSM told everyone basically to vote for Drumph, see what happens?


Political parties are a seedbed for hierarchy,

The democrat lost the presidential because people didn’t like either the candidate or the cheating democratic party lurking in the backroom making deals.


Bush began preparations to invade Iraq to privatize the second largest oil reserve on the planet the day Dick Cheney and George Bush got to town 21 Jan 2001. Their oil cabal summarily hid a tax break for the wealthiest in a war appropriations bill and made all the war profits from 2003 to today completely tax free and the Republicans hid it in the Homeland Security Act, all before the invasion.
So, we first need to fathom the depravity of humans who chemically bomb defenseless little girls with white phosphorous to steal oil and then be paid in bribes for it. Dick Shelby, R. Al., has more than $81 million in a reelection fund. Where did Dick get it. Senator Dick Shelby is 83 I think. Feinstein is ancient, Schumer an Israeli puppet.
We need our own party. We can’t have a pow-wow when we don’t even have a teepee. We need to spend our money for once on our candidates and our ideas finally decoupling ourselves from Auntie Nan and the Wall Street mob. Obama was the first eight year president to keep us at war. Betrayal. Barack now has a foundation and makes millions talking to Wall Street. Judas. So why do we not organize for ourselves and get some hedge fund gazillionaires who want to save the planet, stop war and save humanity as we know it. We need our own party. We have our own ideas.
Understand what these men are capable of doing. ICE is taking babies from their mothers and no one but a monster would do this. This is what they make us do. America overthrows defenseless nations and assassinates people like we pick fruit. We have no control of people we pay. We pay $90 billion a year for our NSA to spy on us. That’s just too smart. We are united but there is no reason to keep debating the DNC and NBC. We are spinning our wheels. We need a progressive party and turn this page. We lead. We win because we are morally correct.
The USS Maine blew up to get us in the Spanish American War and the Tonkin Gulf incident sent us to die in Vietnam and Pearl for WW II and whoever from 9-11 to implement the New World Order. Trump may be a monster but our system has systematically betrayed us and it is always, always for money. Did you see them burn the poppies? If the CIA burned the poppies we would see it. Do you think the World Bank of International Settlements at the apex of earthly wealth wants hectares of ash or poppies swaying in the wind for trillions of heroin profits. If you can bomb kids, you can run heroin. I want a progressive party. Stop the propaganda. Create our own communications. We have to turn the page. Conservatives are dug in because they see the future and they detest change because it diminishes the power they’ve stolen by lies and alibis.
I guarded nuclear weapons for America a long time ago. No one wins war. The war profiteers bank their bloody bounty in shell companies in foreign lands. It is betrayal.Only one nation on Earth nuclear bombed defenseless civilians, only one nation dropped a nuclear weapon and it was us. America took two in case the first did not detonate. America chose to drop both nuclear weapons on civilian populations and we are the only ones and we have sanitized it. We have to understand what our government is capable of doing and we need our own party to create a better world for our children and all humanity.

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They lost because of the Electoral College (originally the slave vote) also the Facebook arguments for both sides from the Russian bots…and several other countries might I add. The DNC fucked over Bernie so we got Hillary, not my choice but I think it would have not caused the turmoil that Drumph and the GOP have clobbered us with. I could be wrong since the whole Capitalist deal is so fucked up and on the way out…or we all die, equality is just a friggin dream.

Yes, equality is just a dream in a capitalist state fully committed to infinite growth on a finite planet. Jeff Bezos of Amazon is a perfect example; he can see no other use for the capital generating system he owns than to invest in space. He cannot of course afford to do it himself and relies on publicly financed spaceports in the same way computer whiz corporations used military developed internet and printer applications. Note that mr amazon realizes his imagination does not stretch beyond the game of monopoly and that his new career direction uses the small ego mind of a selfish capitalist to escape the confines of mere human society and finite Earth. Now his heirs can play monopoly forever among the stars. What a goal; turn your ice cold back on society and plunder the monopoly board over and over, around and around. Get out of jail free compliments of democrats and republicans playing representative democracy in a pay to play capitalist government.

Democrats will never make the jump of seeing Bezos as a predator who acquired a fortune by making the federal government pick up the livability tab for his cruel austerity imposed on mere humans so he can augment his personal capitalist dream of owning Cosmos. Neither political party will put Bezos in jail for skimming public government welfare checks into his own pocket via paying less than a living wage. Even so, this crime against humanity by capitalists is gradually being seen for what it really is and if humanity is to survive, justice will put people who commit crimes against humanity behind bars and let them use their money for toilet paper.

Who is your rep? My rep (Ted Lieu) who votes the way I’d prefer much of the time (e.g. on Yemen), was not on the Nay list. I’ve complained before on a previous military budget vote and even got a call back from a nice staffer who listened to my opinion of wacking the military budget down by 1/2 right off the bat and getting out of every single conflict we are in, but I have no idea if he passed it on. Ted Lieu has a primary challenger who is a Democrat (and one Republican in the 3 person jungle primary) named Emory Rodgers but I can’t find his opinion on military budgets and the little bit I’ve read on his facebook page make him sound pretty kooky:

The true conspiracy isn’t in a secret office only known to a few, the true conspiracy is we are all coconspirators, we know it, and so we actively look for enemies to distract others from our own participation!

Weight that in you psyche for awhile!

I wish I had your guy or Lee, Khanna or Gabbard. I’m sure there are other jewels in the rough out of the 59 Democrats who voted no that don’t get the same amount of publicity.

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