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139 House Democrats Join GOP to Approve $717 Billion in Military Spending


139 House Democrats Join GOP to Approve $717 Billion in Military Spending

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the help of 139 Democrats, the House of Representatives on Thursday easily rammed through the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which—if it passes the Senate—will hand President Donald Trump $717 billion in military spending.


We live in a one-party country, so that’s not surprising! The differences are Tweedledum and Tweedledumber!!


Hey congress fuck you and your wars. Nice picture of one of America’ top war criminals. Tell us where the money for this comes from.


It interesting that Russia is trotted out daily as a boogeyman. Months ago Russia announced it was cutting Military spending even as the USA ramps their own up. The WesterN Media jumped all over this cut in spending claiming it showed Russia was going broke and their cut in Military spending was due to sanctions. This ignored the fact that Russia’s overall spending did not drop as the monies were shifted to infrastructure programs and enriching social programs.

So according to the Western Media, Russia is threatening to invade Eastern Europe as it cuts military spending and the Sanctions levied against Russia shows “Their economy in trouble because of sanctions” . Somehow we are to believe that the US ramping up Military spending is as a response to an aggressive Russia and spending more then ten times what Russia spends is the sign of a booming and healthy economy?

Russian debt as a percent of GDP 12.80 percent in its “struggling economy”
US debt as percent of GDP 104 percent and climbing.

Something does not add up here but I am sure Northrup Grumman more then happy to spend a few more 10s of millions advertising its “product” with the US Media. See the USA has “freedom of the press” and Russia does not and these 139 Democrats are helping to “defend democracy”.


Well, you know, what with Putin taking over the whole world and all…
Got no choice but to buy more weapons!


From my representative’s Facebook page:


“Arizona’s servicemembers, military families, and veterans are some of the most patriotic men and women I have had the pleasure of meeting, and today, I was proud to support them by passing this critical legislation. After years of dangerous cuts, this legislation gives Arizona military installations a much-needed boost. We are giving our troops the highest pay raise in nine years, investing in our military’s readiness, and ensuring our Armed Forces have the tools they need to complete their missions and protect our nation.”

This is a guy who calls himself a Democrat. Takes real guts (not) to be a Democrat in Arizona…and vote Republican on every major issue.


There she goes again. My “representative”, “ultra-liberal” Nancy Pelosi voted for a bloated military budget yet again. And, thanks to California’s top-two primary, I have the “choice” between her and a Republican this November.

Our country is run by 2 war parties, vying to outdo each other in their subservience to the US military establishment; 2 parties living in the imperial past while the rest of us wait for some idiot President to push the button.


“[H]e has no legal authority to use military force without explicit approval from Congress”

Which, of course, he will be granted, with plenty of Israelophile Dems cheering him on.


Funny how neither the resident Democratic Party hacks nor the commenters who constantly whine about “free stuff” ever show up on these threads about war/military spending.


This is one vote that passes " the smell test " for Conserva/Moderate Dimocrats running under a false banner. They’re really right-center pirates working for the House of Saud, Resource Extractors and the rest of the mentally diseased people constituting the ol’ MIC.
To quote Loudon Wainwright " you got your skunks, they’re dead ( morally ), they’re in the middle of the road ( our road ) and they’re stinking to high heaven ". And, heaven isn’t where murderers and their enablers supposedly end up.
No further stink needs to be smelled than the pure rot of our tax dollars at work than the video on The Intercept. The execution of women and children by Camaroon Special Forces ( paid for by a contingency fund I’m sure ) should give us all great pause, before sending this insane gov’t another effin’ penny. That video tells me this Congress and this Pentagon need to be put on trail for war crimes. Enough is more than way too much, already.
FYI- Watch that video at your own mental peril.


My Democratic representative in this part of Arizona, Tom O’Halloran, used to be a republican, voted yes. I wish he just would have stayed with the Republican Party instead of betraying his constituents in the Democratic Party, like a lot of representatives do. He also voted against net neutrality. And I voted for him, thinking he would put his money where his mouth is, or is it mouth where their money is. Help me here.


I truly phucking hate these slimy R and D basturds, every last one of them.


No matter how much Bernie Sanders and a handful of progressive leaning Democrats try to convince everyone that the Democratic party is being reformed, remember this vote and so many others. This is the shameful reality of the Democratic party.


Warmongers, all.


Holy sh#t. I just checked out what you are referring to on The Intercept and it is beyond disturbing that our government, OUR F@#CKING tax dollars, are sponsoring these atrocities. It’s well past pitchforks and torches time. I am sickened and broken-hearted by almost another TRILLION dollars put forth for this maniacal waste! I can’t even say what I’m really thinking because the truth police would come and get me. The military-industrial complex has to be stopped. These are criminals representing us. Enough is enough… like yesterday. I’ve never felt so badly about where I live. Sorry… I’m just, wow. I’m a big guy, well-seasoned by life, and I am literally crying here.


remember worse now than these charts.


Shit. As in, we are in deep shit.


I was not aware that O’Halleran had been a Republican, but his big schtick is how “bi-partisan” he is, as though it’s a wonderful thing to work for the other side as often or more so than your own constituents. Kyrsten Sinema is another lost cause.


I’m a shortish, overweight woman and I’m crying with you.


Someone remind me again why we are told to vote for democrats . . .