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14 Years Ago, A Woman Vindicated Me Now


14 Years Ago, A Woman Vindicated Me Now

Ted Rall

A woman walking down the street in West Hollywood saw a police officer roughing up and handcuffing a man, whom he accused of jaywalking. Appalled, she challenged the officer. “Take off his handcuffs!” she demanded.


this is a pretty compelling case. I’ve had high respect for Ted Rall over the last dozen or so years for his integrity. But I can’t help but wonder why, after 14 years, did this campaign get under way now. Rall has certainly said worse things about power long before this moment.

One thing that surprises me is how shocked he seems to be that th LA Times did this. This is the same LA Times that, as soon as the paper was purchased by a right wing ideologue, canned a pretty popular Bob Scheer from its columnist stable.

In any event, I’m not sure his journalistic career is all that trashed, but his paychecks won’t be the same again. Scheer is more respected then ever since he went indy, and Rall’s cartoons will keep him going.

Another apocryphal tale, though, of how awful our media ownership situation is in America.


Let’s connect some dots since viewing individual situations obscures the heavy gravity of pattern.

Before his death, Hugo Chavez let the world know that he’d been poisoned–given a drug that produced his Cancer.

Ted Gunderson, a former FBI agent, became a lightning rod to all sorts of cases thrown out of court because those making the cases were challenging the system and the way its old boy networks protect persons in power (or in uniform), particularly when they are guilty of egregious sins. He died under suspect causes/conditions.

Recently I began listening to Michael Rupert and he reveals precisely the sorts of things (and connects dots very substantially with lots of evidence in support of his allegations) that expose govt. graft and corruption, and he, too, died in a suspicious manner.

Add to the list the way journalists are being gunned down in Vera Cruz and Mexico City, that environmental activists are being murdered in South America, and the way others revealing truths that expose govt. or corporate malfeasance face arrest or feel the need to seek asylum in foreign lands (Glenn Greenwald in Brazil, Laura Poitras in Germany, Julian Assanage inside an embassy in U.K., and Snowden, holed up in Russia).

Ted Rall may be part of a crackdown on any writers who DARE to expose the Empire’s “New Clothes.” The fact that a charge from 15 years ago (arguably before the 911 “all spying, all the time” Homeland Security drift net was drawn up) has been dusted off in an attempt to ruin him… is telling.

The bastards at the wheel force the public to fund their capacity to learn everything about all of us while their own dealings–those that will have enormous impacts on what we eat, the safety (or lack of same) of our communities, the levels of pollutants in our air, water, soil, the costs of medicines to mortgages–are secured through secretive back room dealings, ones that protect the perpetrators by closing off public, congressional, or press input!


So sick of the institutionalized arrogance of “employers,” a word that means “users,” the “employees” being “employed” by the “employer.” It’s hardly euphemistic, it’s pretty blunt. Such language is normalized / embedded in popular consciousness; most workers don’t blink to be referred to as “employees.”

So sick of the institutionalized arrogance of HR, “Human Resources Management.” Again, HR is hardly a euphemism. And again, it’s embedded in our consciousness and insinuated into our lives: Who even imagines workplaces and work not infested with Human Resources Management?

So the employer consults with HR and they determine they have a piece of evidence that their “employee” misrepresented an incident he had previously written about. They swiftly latch onto that piece of evidence WITHOUT A PROPER INVESTIGATION and use it as a pretext to fire him.

They will NEVER acknowledge this (their professional training and culture strongly militate against EVER acknowledging ANYTHING), but plainly they fired him not because he actually misrepresented an incident in writing, but BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO. They found a “justification” they figured would hold up in a legal challenge, and pounced on it. Dressed up as “professionalism,” “due process,” “liability and compliance,” it is simply the institutional arrogance, the POLITICAL PREFERENCE, and the ego of “the employer.”

And ultimately it is about the STRUCTURE of the workplace and of society, of the “employer / employee relationship,” the institutionalization of hierarchy and the sub-ordination of large numbers of humans to a much smaller number of humans, with elaborate “professional” and legal “justifications” for that sub-ordination.

We need a culture of in-sub-ordination. Why are we required to sub-ordinate ourselves in order to participate in the economy? It is an exercise of power.

What would work look like, what would workplaces look like, what would the economy and society look like, if we built them out of humanity, equality, and respect?

Fight on Ted Rall, much respect. Even if they get away with this shit, your humanity and respect shine through.


Well said, All of the posts here before mine.


I think clearly this was a pretext. Goldberg is a right winger, so I can’t imagine he was especially fond of Rall, who, judging by the vitriol of the Breitbots was only employed because he generated a lot of eyeball traffic.

But it seems as if the LAPD approached the paper, not the other way around, obviously. This means tehy had an axe to grind, but about what? I don’t read mainstream media anymore, so I have no idea what Rall’s work was like prior to this incident.

My first instinct was that he might have been running with the #blacklivesmatter flag and working over cop brutality, something LAPD is severely touchy about when it’s in the local papers.

If anyone knows (facts, not wild speculation), please share. Rall himself hasn’t talked about how this episode was triggered yet.

Edit: By the way, what hasn’t been talked about much yet is how the LAPD had such quick access to ‘derogatory’ info on a known critic. Are they keeping active dossiers on dissent? This file had to have just been sitting there in the dust for years, waiting to be picked up whenever a perceived need or opportunity arose. That’s something Angelinos should be carping about right now.