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14 Years and Counting: Guantánamo Prisoner, Never Convicted, To Be Released After Decade-Plus Detention


14 Years and Counting: Guantánamo Prisoner, Never Convicted, To Be Released After Decade-Plus Detention

Nika Knight, staff writer

An Afghan man detained for 14 years in Guantánamo—without ever being convicted of a crime—was on Friday recommended by the Pentagon for release.

The man, known as Obaidullah, was arrested and detained in 2002, when he was about 19, but the U.S. government failed to successfully prosecute him for any crimes, AP reported. Charges were eventually made against him in 2008, but were dismissed in 2011.


From the Miami Herald:
"With this approval, 28 of the 80 captives currently at Guantánamo prison are formally cleared to leave to security arrangements that satisfy Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. Ten others are in war crimes proceedings and the rest are awaiting hearings, their results or have had their indefinite detention upheld."

And then closing from CD writer Nika Knight:
"It remains to be seen when Obaidullah and other prisoners cleared for release will leave Guantánamo. As Common Dreams has previously reported, the Department of Defense has "routinely and deliberately undermined" President Obama's efforts to move toward closing the notorious prison."

From me:
Oh what a gigantic stinking pile of human monstrosity. Doesn't Ash Carter at the Department of Defense work for Obama? Isn't Obama a monstrous coward? The only other option is Obama is simply a monster himself, but either way the US government and US military are monstrous blots on humanity.

Release them all, close the damned prison, return the base to Cuba, apologize to the world, and go crawl into a hole.


Sadly his "peace prize" was based upon that ridiculous "beer summit" with that racist cop and Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.



Gitmo, where the innocent are punished for the crimes of the incompetent.


This arrogance shows that the elites of US can do whatever they want which is nothing but intimidation or threat to the others. In most cases small countries with large natural resources will be the victims in future. Our news media shamefully lied about everything taking the country to limitless war. Inside the nation the biggest ulcer is Flint where even one cannot even get a glass of pure drinking water. The elite knows that they cannot put the citizens in GITMO but can shoot. That's actually they do if you are colored. It is an overall shame for the country.


The justification used to keep these innocent people locked up that is used when addressing the people is that they deemed a threat to the peoples of the United States and might launch a terrorist attack, They use fear to keep people locked up.

The land of the Freeeeeeeeee and the home of the BRAVE!


No he was too busy signing the Indefinite detention bill into law.


It's the most successful hoax ever perpetrated upon America. Obama's backstabbing even eclipsed Bush-Cheney.


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John Ellis,

I'm so sick of you repeating the propaganda about "the 51%". You know better, yet you keep repeating this bullshit.

You are thus an apologist for corporate governance.

But you aren't very good at it.


While this inmate's release is great news, the greater news is that one more Guantanamo bunk is now available to house a Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Obama or corporate Congresscritter.

Trump keeps reminding us that Guantanamo is currently filled to less than 20% of its capacity. Lets empty it out and fill it with corporate operatives and the politicians they own.

Nobody gets hurt, everybody gets three squares a day courtesy of US taxpayers. Post a sign reading YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.


The devil is always in the details.


Fairly early on, there was an estimate that likely 90% and more of those "gathered up"
and shoved into Guantanamo were innocent of any kind of even minimal wrong doing
of any kind.
And the other 10% were questionable, as well.
This has all been a farce -- except for the lives of those who were sacrificed to the farce
of 9/11.

But I do think it was important for the right wing to begin again the practice of torture
and to teach it -- though in many places like Latin America that has really never stopped
since the end of WWII. Dictatorships can only survive if they use torture to control the


If they didn't hate the US for its freedoms before, they could well do so now.