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140+ Global Leaders Call for Free "People's Vaccine" to Put Human Lives Above Corporate Greed in Fight Against Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/14/140-global-leaders-call-free-peoples-vaccine-put-human-lives-above-corporate-greed


When that great American Jonas Salk was asked if he would patent his vaccine he said, “Would you patent the sun? What does it reveal about America that we allow huge profiteering off the backs of the sick and dying?


“Get in line for the great vaccine!!”

No thanks, with the rush to develop, and no testing at the FDA - only rubber stamping of the pharma data, I’ll be waiting a while to see what dangerous side affects come from it, or if it’s effective at all.


If you think you’ll be allowed to wait, you may be in for a surprise. Vaccine manufacturers lobbied successfully to get themselves a blanket exemption from liability in vaccine-injury tort cases; shortly thereafter, they began lobbying–actually, the more accurate term would be rent-seeking–for laws MANDATING vaccination against a myriad of diseases.

I don’t put my trust in ANYTHING manufactured for profit–least of all something that’s to be injected into my body under penalty of law.


No I wouldn’t be surprised by any of this, at this point. I guess if it comes to that, I’ll be in for an all out fight. I’ll go down eventually, but rest assured I’ll take as many as possible with me. Dam I hate being forced to sound like a MAGA supporter.


Don’t tell anybody I said this, but they might have a legitimate grievance–it’s just that they’re pissed at the wrong people.


Even if claimed to be free at some point, I wouldn’t trust a single person in government to tell the truth. They are willing and unafraid to screw anyone, anytime, anywhere. We can’t deny it since truth has been thrown under the bus.
We get nothing but bovine scatology from this administration.

Don’t worry I can keep a secret :)))
I agree they were disenfranchised by the same powers we talk about here at CD, just a little (sometimes a lot) more brainwashed than the rest of us, making them easier marks to point their anger in the wrong direction.

Precisely right about taking any vaccine too quickly. Mind the old adage: “Be careful what you wish for.”

Be careful if you are wishing for a vaccine so that your life will return to “normal”.

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I am one of many, many people who stood in line in the rural area where I grew up for a free Salk polio vaccine and a few years later for the Sabin sugar cubes. This was key to curbing polio outbreaks.

The COVID-19 vaccine needs to be free for anyone in order to get enough herd immunity that even those who do not wish to be vaccinated are protected.

We the people are paying for this research through our taxes and big pharma shouldn’t continue the pandemic by pricing it out of the reach of the people.

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