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140+ Rights Groups Demand Congress Leave Corporate Immunity Provision Out of Covid Relief Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/07/140-rights-groups-demand-congress-leave-corporate-immunity-provision-out-covid


I know I get to hear Bernie more often than the common citizen because I come to places like CD to become informed and totally eschew the glow box, but for the snippets that make it to the net aggregators I follow. Given the same air time in 2016 as Hillary and Trump, their is no doubt in my mind that absent DWS through the DNC machinations that in 2020 Bernie would have been reelected in a landslide. What a mensch he is. What a curse the two party system is.


A number of covid-19 sufferers are reporting permanent erectile dysfunction. This term might also be applied to explain why Congress (what an X-rated name for a legislative body) can’t seem to perform.

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Yes, but I disagree that Bernie is a mensch, from my perspective, he was used as a progressive, con man by the DNC.

Quaint to remember OSHA was created during the Nixon admin.
A law, that as a young labor union activist, I lobbied my US
Congressman to vote for. Which he did.

Thousands of lives were saved and millions of injuries were
avoided because of it. Now it is just another gutted process.

The pitiful story everyone talks about is the laws Biden
needs to get passed, When all he will have to do is demand
existing laws be enforced.

As to the topic at hand: Pelosi will not go against her masters.


Bernie is a mensch. Had it not been for his relentless pursuits, Medicare 4 All wouldn’t even been being discussed. He has been tirelessly educating all that will listen to our rigged system. Without him, those conversations could be years away. I don’t agree with all of his decisions, but to claim he is a DNC clown is IMO, peevishness.


Biden will at least discontinue some of the worst of Tweetle-Dumb’s executive orders – the ones most embarrassing or costly to his korporate masters – but he will do nothing of real value for the majority of Americans beyond salvaging enough of the economy to maintain the profits of Big Business and Big Insurance and Big Pharma. And so long as the 'Poop-Lickans control the Senate then Biden and the DimWit-Rats can pretend to be helping The People while effect­ively just maintaining the Fascist status quo.

Not only do they want immunity, that want us to have no right to sue in the first place. Always room for more tort reform in the corporate realm.

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I am all for allowing Big Pharma to be able to waive liability but ONLY if they also waive profits. Otherwise you are incentivizing risk. Without liability they have no incentive to make it safe. They should not be able to have it both ways.

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Shout it out! These groups are absolutely right. And Bernie is spot on as well.

The Supreme Court made a mess of this one long ago.I have read that a clerk in a long ago court wrote that corporations were people ------why has the court never addressed this? It was not decided by the court—but by a non Justice memo writer.

If corporations are considered to be people, then if their manner of working or their products KILL and MAIM people, then the DNA people have a right to sue the “pretend and on paper people.” Or in an even stranger sense----the court has made the employers into slave masters, where the worker has no way to rectify this insanity. That sounds like an empowered corporation slavery to me!

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