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15 Lies Per Day in 2018: Analysis Shows Trump Put 'Unprecedented Deception" Into Overdrive This Year


15 Lies Per Day in 2018: Analysis Shows Trump Put 'Unprecedented Deception" Into Overdrive This Year

Julia Conley, staff writer

Finding that President Donald Trump became "increasingly unmoored from the truth in 2018," the Washington Post reports that the president told lies to the American public at about three times the rate he did the previous year—when voters and the media were already expressing shock at the repeated false statements coming from the White House.


Well in the universe of Schrodinger’s Cat, Trump is telling the truth 15 times a day. Fox News watchers and Limbaugh listeners just need to remember to never open the box.


Trump, a pathological liar, is now becoming so unhinged, that in my view, he is very dangerous and who knows what he will lie about next! He will no doubt try to cheat in the election of 2020.


Shame one of the lies couldn’t be “i am going to run for the next election”.


Trump wins the “Liar of the Year” award for two years running.


“The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”
— Joseph Goebbels


You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out!


It took people awhile to come to the conclusion that Trump really is a white supremacist. And it took awhile to conclude he is a fascist. Once it is realized that Trump is a fascist then all the lying makes sense. He is not a pathological liar as Bernie Sanders claimed. He is using lies to gain power. Fascist leaders strive to define reality by lying and attacking what are normally regarded as the sources of truth. Trump may not be an A student but he clearly understands how an autocrat can obtain power in a democracy. He identified with the white nationalist populists and used the birther movement to become a leader. And whether or not he colluded with Russia he was helped by Russia to win the presidential election and the Russians are still playing the same role as we move closer toward the 2020 election.


Assertions that Russia actually helped Trump become elected are saying the wimpy democratic party is weak and helpless against Russian intelligence. One would be wise to avoid votimg for a helpless political party that loses against the power of imaginary Russian intelligence.


Another POLITRICKSTER- what else is new-- accept that this President wins the Medal for most lies,


There is no way that Donald Trump is creative enough to deliberately invent so many lies. I truly believe that reality is slipping away from him at an increasing pace.

Can the United States really survive having a man as its chief executive who exists in an alternate reality?

Republicans, when are you going to consider that, if the United States is lost, you and all your amassed fortunes will also be lost?


Lies piled upon lies but please don’t think that it is JUST Trump. Please don’t swallow everything our bought-and-paid-for CORPORATE media dumps upon us without cessation. How many lies were we told to us by the government honchos AND the corporate media to get us into the Middle East Wars? From the grassy knoll to 9-11 the bankster/corporate media has lied to us continuously and prolifically. Yes question Trump but question EVERYBODY! Follow the money! Who profits? Who benefits? Please understand that we live under a deep state corporatocracy, that ours is a government - AND MEDIA - of, by, and for the corporations/money! QUESTION! QUESTION! QUESTION! Gopherit


I think they previously were making toothpicks from Trump’s Pinocchio nose trimmings.
Now they are getting cord wood.